Saturday, October 25, 2014

Last Bits of Our Oklahoma Trip

Wow, the blogging bug has certainly not been biting Me lately!  Sheesh!   Here is the wrap up of our Oklahoma trip...

 We were so thrilled to find gas this cheap!

 The street where the Oklahoma City bombing happened
(It was so somber being here, and trying to explain it to the kids)

 The front of the memorial

 The inscription

 A section of the original fence, preserved with people's tokens of remembrance

 This reflecting pool is where the building sat

 Right next to it, I couldn't resist this reflection

 This is the Field of Empty Chairs
(each chair represents a person who died, and the floor that they were on

 More of the fence

That night, we met up with Cory Finch, a friend of ours, who finished residency just after Philip.  He now lives and operates and urgent care in Oklahoma City.   We spent the evening and had dinner with him and his family at Dave and Buster's.   I didn't know what this was before... it's like a grown up version of Chuck E Cheese.   From the moment we walked in, I wanted to leave.    We had to wait an Hour for our table, so we let the kids play the games.  It was SO loud, there was people everywhere, so many chances to lose track of kids and games flashing and beeping everywhere.  Sensory overload to the max!   The kids, especially Keenan, had a blast, though and we had a nice visit with our friends.

Moriah racing a motorcyle

Caleb racing a Corvette with Daddy

Philip and Cory
(We all got glow sticks at dinner and wore them!)

The kids were completely rowdy at dinner... thankfully no one even noticed because it was so crazy in there!  These are Cory's boys, Cory and Braden

Caleb and I being silly
(Turns out he smiles the best when he's looking at himself in the camera's screen!)

This is for you Mom, I don't see them often, but every time they remind me of you! =)

A last picture with Barb at their beautiful brand new home before leaving

We did a few geocaches on this trip, but this one was my favorite... one of my favorites Ever!!

How cool is this????
I think I was more excited about it than the kids were!

Showing off my super human strength

Super cool... I don't even understand how they did this

A fun shot while Philip found another cache

We stopped at Horizon Camp on our way home, at the border of Kansas and Oklahoma.  We had heard from friends of ours that they had some great hiking trails... and it did not disappoint!

Real hiking... with elevation change!   Woohoo!

So fun!

A pretty thistle I stepped off the path to snap... and then was terrified that I'd stepped in poison ivy!  Thankfully I had not...

Keenan being macho on some big rocks

An attempt at a family picture

At the top of the trail, we came out on a ridge...

... and found this

It's called Inspiration Point

This sweet, goofy boy brings us so much joy!

Keenan and Moriah were climbing around on some big, fairly flat rocks at the top of the ridge, and then I heard Moriah scream...and fall out of sight!   Pretty terrifying, but thankfully, she had only fallen a few feet and was more scared than hurt.

She put on a brave smile for a picture immediately after!

Two of my men

Me, with the Arkansas River in the background

So pretty!

This was too cute not to catch on the hike back

We spotted this on a hillside on our way home

That night we went to a game night/birthday party with a bunch of our friends!   Soo fun!   Our game loving Keenan had an especially good time!   He and Philip played a few new strategy games, while I played one round of Monopoly Deal and then played a few games with Moriah and a few friends.

From the left:
Ah Rim, Sun Min, Felishia, Heather and Dan (haha!)

Keenan, Andrew and Philip playing Monopoly Deal 

Cake Time!

Phew!  Finally caught up to life back home!

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Mom W. said...

Wow, I guess I had gotten behind too!!! That truck on it's nose is crazy, I would be afraid that it would fall over!!

Jack in the Box!! The sign is funkier than it used to be!!! Thanks for the reminder... I think!!! =)