Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kansas Aviation Museum

On Saturday, my friend, Tiffany and I took our kids to the Aviation Museum, since both of our husbands were working on base this weekend.

For what we paid, I was not immediately impressed.   The first room was full of nothing but old propellors and plane engines with lots of plaques (I love plaques, not!)

But, it slowly got better...

This was landing gear that could be manually cranked in and out!    When it was cranked in, the door on the left would close down over the wheel!   Keenan was the only one of the kids able to crank it.

Moriah and Kinsley

I love this group shot with the huge turbine!

I liked the size difference between these two aircraft

Wes and Moriah under a B-52

Five kids on a bomb

Inside the bomb bay

Just the girls on the way back in

The planes outside weren't in great condition... the kids really liked them, but Tiffany and I were a little disappointed.   Hopefully there would be some cool stuff inside...

The kids loved this miniature, peddle plane!

Full size replica (don't remember what this is) - the fabric on the wing is what it is made out of!   So crazy!

"Oh shoot, which button was it again?"

This guy was really nice and told us a lot about the planes

The kids up in the control tower

The view of the planes from up there

Turns out this little plane is Very light!   Moriah leaned on the tail and the whole front tipped up in the air!

As we checked out the last half of the second floor before heading out... we found the best parts of all!!

This fun kid's play room with a couple more trainers

Keenan in one of the trainers

Then, the very last room... had the most cool stuff of all!

This huge trainer could seat eight people and had a flight simulator that was super cool!

So intent...

Yay, Riah's turn!

They also had three computers that the kids could fly planes on...

Moriah's was a little more old school

They also had a ton of art supplies, a mini control tower in the corner (where you could communicate with the large trainer and watch it land on screen!)

Caleb's favorite was the toy corner where they had lego, k'nex, and a ton of cars, trucks and die cast airplanes!

They had planes from every major airline! =)

Happy, happy boy!!

Just wish we had found the "Room of Awesome" before we only had half an hour left! =)  We'll have to go back some time and spend the whole time there!

That evening we did a photo shoot at a pretty park for these two cuties:

A few crazy kids at the park after:

Sweet girl in the sunset

Strong man, Caleb!

Keenan's tricks on the bar!

Pretty shot on the way out of the park


Mark and Rebekah said...

I recognize that park and the little covered bridge :)

Mom W. said...

Wow, sounds like the grand finale for the museum was best!!!