Monday, October 13, 2014

Canadian Thanksgiving 2014...and stuff

This post really covers the last few days...

On Friday, I told Keenan and Moriah they had free reign of the craft supplies and I wanted them to make something crazy and random and abstract.    This is what they came up with:

They sure fulfilled the assignment! =)

They are proudly displayed in their secret hut now =)

A funny, goofy shot in one of the old teapots on the mantel.  It makes our house look so different!

One of the things I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving.... is our new couch!!!   Finally after living here for three months, we decided on one and bought it and it was delivered on Saturday!  YAY!!

My favorite part is the ottoman.  The blue is a little "bluer" in real life.   I opted to get round instead of square and blue instead of matching the brown because I thought it would be way too much brown... And it perfectly matches the blue in the pillows!

On Saturday night we went to Peter and Erica's for dinner.   They are our great friends just two doors down.   We had a delicious dinner, played yard games and laughed a Lot!   What a blessing they are!

In celebration of a great round of couple's corn hole! =)
(It was big of Erica (an Ohio State fan) to take this picture!)

We had a wonderful time with our house church group last night.   We split up into small groups and did a "prayer walk" through the neighborhood of Planeview.   It was great, just walking and praying as we felt led, and talking to anyone who was outside, and offering to pray with them if they had any requests.   God is working!

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving with our friends, Sarah and Kyle, their two kids, Xavier (5) and Norah (17 months), as well as a Bangladesh student living with them named Norene.   Kyle is a Canadian, from Alberta, so it was nice to have a fellow Canadian to celebrate with =)

I am very disappointed to say that I forgot to take Any pictures, though!  =0/  It was a great evening, though and dessert will be in the next post...

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Mom W. said...

Wow, interesting art!!! Great prayer walking!!! Some do it here too. Yes, God will bless!!! Yay!!! =)