Saturday, October 25, 2014

Back in Kansas, Toto

Coming home was nice... especially since we'd managed to leave it Spotless! I Love it when that works out! =) I also had everything unpacked, put away and laundry in the washer within about an hour of getting home!

I haven't actually taken very many pictures since we got home (well, not of us anyway, I have had a bunch of fun shoots for other people!)

Some more Magna-tile construction... they never run out of new ideas!

Another elaborate hotel/restaurant/parking garage combo by Keenan

The result of Moriah's quiet time (in lieu of a nap) the other day - pretty impressive!

This picture cracks me up SO much!   Philip had taken the kids on a bike ride to a park while I was at a friend's house.   When they were almost home, he called me and said I might want to come outside...

to see my little (girl's) dolphin helmet wearing, super hero, with cape fluttering in the wind!  He had gone all the way to the park and back (and played) without taking it off!  Hahahahaha!

A little more smiley for the next pass by

Moriah was invited to a birthday party for twin friends of hers from C.C.  It was at a super fun place called Funtastics!

She rocked the zip line...

..but forgot to let go at the end and the big spring jolted her off...

...and upside down, head first into the foam pit!

She actually enjoyed this and did it again...only the second time, she ended up lodged head first with her feet sticking out... stuck in the foam pit!   Immediately after being pulled out by someone, another kid landed on her head!   It knocked the wind out of her and hurt her chest and bruised her face but  in a few minutes she was doing this...

Look how high she went!

What a trooper

..and this

...and this

...and this =)

With Lily, one of the birthday girls

More climbing!



Fun face paint!

With both birthday girls

What a fun party!   It was nice to be able to spend time with just Riah for a change =)

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Mom W. said...

The picture of Caleb in his super hero outfit on the bike is pretty funny!!!

Poor Riah falling on her head and then getting squashed by someone else!!!