Thursday, October 2, 2014

Apple Picking in Kansas!

I have been craving fall activities and decided it was high time we went apple picking! It turns out (from what the locals say), I will likely not get the lovely fall colors here that I was dreaming about, but hey... it's super awesome to live somewhere with apple orchards! =)

My friend, Becca, and I decided to take the kids today to Entz Orchard.    It was quite cool when we got there, but turned into the perfect day!   I took 100 pictures, here's what made the cut:

Caleb got right down to work
(I actually had to slow the kids down, because they would have picked 100 pounds of apples in no time!) =)

They have an "eat as much as you want while you pick, for free" allowance... so Moriah got right to it!

Love her

This was the owner.  She was super sweet and washed, cut up and cored Caleb's apple for him! =)

Happy picker

Oh Caleb...

Love this handsome boy!

I don't think Caleb got what I was going for with this shot =)

So much fun!

 I have been waiting for YEARS for these boots to fit Moriah!  Ha!

Beautiful Braeburns!

Happy Cora!

Some beauties at the top that evaded us

Caleb and his buddy Jonah
Definitely Caleb's best smile of the day!

Super cute!

Moriah balancing on an old log

With a Pink Lady

Becca found an apple picker

Keenan trying his hand at it
(It's not as easy as it looks!)

Look at all the apples on the ground!
(I wish they made cider out of them!)

Keenan with the picker

It was pretty cool!

I love how he's helping her here

Moriah found a teeny, tiny apple!

Caleb was happy with his sticks

Becca, Jonah and Cora

This makes me so happy

Just the girls

Jonah and Cora

Such a little poser! =)

The boys did this all on their own, and then I noticed and had to run and get my camera!

When we finished and I lifted our bags, I guessed that we had about 25 pounds of apples.  When they got weighed, it was 24 pounds!   Not bad, considering I'm usually really bad at estimating things like that. =)

There will be many apple dishes made in our house in the next while... stay tuned! =)


Mom W. said...

Yum apple day!!! Great field trip!!! You can freeze the filling for pie you know and use it later, just put it in a pie plate in plastic and freeze it the shape of the pie!!! It is apple season here too!!!

The Woodfords said...

Mmmm, looks like fun, and oh, so yummy!! Love all the pics, and so nice you were able to go with a friend!
Love you,

Bethany said...

Fun times! That's awesome they post to eat as many as you like! ...I mean, who doesn't anyhow at an orchard??? Lol...