Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Tiny Bit of Ontario Fall Colors in Kansas!

On the way to the birthday party with Moriah yesterday, on a back road, I saw the Prettiest, bright fall colors that I have seen yet in Kansas! I was so impressed by them, that I made the drive back that evening (15 minutes away), with the kids, in hopes that the owners of the property would be nice enough to let us take pictures in their driveway! They were super sweet and said it would be totally fine! YAY!

This one isn't properly exposed, but shows the whole pretty driveway

The kids did great, even though they just wanted to run around in the leaves!

How do I have a child this big??

Our sweet girl

Yes, this is what fall is about!!

I asked Caleb a silly question to get him to smile and he was very passionate about the answer apparently!

Keenan piggy backs him around quite a lot - it's nice that he's so strong!

Caleb got the smile right, but not the direction of his eyes =)

My favorite of the three of them

Moriah chose to pose on this fence

Keenan's manly pose

They each picked a leaf for their picture

Now I can go on dealing with the lack of color elsewhere... thank you God for the surprise blessing of this spot! =)


The Woodfords said...

Loved all that colour, too! Great pics of your sweeties! =)
Love to you all,

Bethany said...

Pretty! Great pics of the kids =)

Mom W. said...

Oh the leaves... it is windy today and we are hoping they will ALL blow out into the field. But... yes the colors are pretty nice!!! It does look like the picture could be from here!!!