Friday, September 5, 2014

We ARE Near Family! =)

 Today we had a super awesome visit from two of my dad's cousins, Barb and Carol!    Barb and her husband, Buddy, live in Oklahoma City, which is a little less than three hours from here.   Carol lives in B.C. but was visiting Barb for a couple of weeks, so they decided to drive up here for a short visit and lunch with us!    2005 was the last time I had seen Barb and it has been quite a while longer than that since I had seen Carol, so it was Awesome to catch up with both of them (neither of which have aged a Bit, by the way!)

They had never met any of my family (Philip was at work, so they still haven't met him), and enjoyed getting to know our three crazy kids =)

 I love this picture

 The three of us - we all kind of matched, with dark shirts on with something sparkly around the neckline =)

Barb treated us to lunch.    We were going to go to Freddy's, but they had never heard of Spangles and opted to go there instead!   You can't beat that All American Meal Deal! =)

This is Carol's picture (this is the same Spangles and the same booth that we sat in the first time we ever went!

It was a lot of driving for them in one day, but we sure appreciated them coming!!

This is totally unrelated, but this afternoon, Caleb stacked up his blocks in reverse order... I was super impressed with his balancing!

Go Caleb! =)


Mom W. said...

So glad you got to see Barb and Carol!! Great pictures, and yes, go Caleb!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

WHAT a special day! I'm so glad you got to see each other... I'm sure you'll be able to get together with more of the family sometime... I'm sure they loved getting to know your kids :) Maybe next time we come, we can all get together :)

Love you!

Barb said...

It was such fun seeing you and the kids on Friday. I'm so excited that you are just a relatively short drive away! Your kids are a joy and I look forward to meeting Philip in the not-too-distant future!

Barb said...

PS - Rebekah and Mark - Would LOVE to see you guys next time you come to Wichita! Better make it more than a 72 hour stay!