Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Back to Kansas Life

On Sunday night, we checked out a nearby trail that our friends had told us about. It was awesome!

It was a great place for the kids to burn off some energy

Love these three!

Daddy's girl

I'm enjoying the extra special residual "we missed you!" love =)

Smiley stinker

Getting a ride from Daddy

Putting on their best "scared" faces in front of these creepy looking woods 
(this picture makes it look darker than it was)

We only walked a portion of it because it was getting dark, but we can't wait to go back and check ou the rest!  (Philip and Keenan might do some biking there, too)

It was time for some haircuts around here today...

First up, Shaggy Curly Boy =)

Next was Keenan's turn (what a pile of hair that was!)

After (much better!)

Keenan reading all of our trip posts out loud to the other two =)

Mom bought us this beautiful orchid as a welcome home gift!   

To water it, I just have to give it three ice cubes each week!   Super weird!

The kids had a great time watching some big machines in our neighborhood this afternoon

While we were watching, I showed Caleb a dead (smashed flat, probably for a week or two) bird on the side of the road.   He looked very serious, put his hands on his cheeks and said, "Oh my... oh my.   We should pray for it.  I said, "Caleb, it's dead."   He said, "We should pray over it."   So he prayed for the dead bird.  (Then, when he saw a Capri Sun package in the grass he said, "It needs a drink!"  Maybe he doesn't know what "dead" means. =)

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Mom W. said...

The orchid is gorgeous, funny, I just bought two like that for friend's anniversaries!!! I was told two ice cubes a week and someone else said only one... I wish they would make up their minds. It will bloom for a looooong time, enjoy!! Good hair cuts!!!