Thursday, September 4, 2014

More Zoo, etc.

On labor day, we went to the zoo in the morning with a few friends while Philip was rounding.

It's been really nice, having a pass because we can go whenever we want and just stay for a while and not have to worry about "getting our money's worth".   We've been able to see new things each time, too!

This gorilla was just chilling by the window =)

Keenan's hand next to his foot =)

Hard life

Sleepy red panda

Feeding the fish

One of the beautiful jaguars graced us with his/her presence by lounging right at the front of their enclosure!  (Until the other, mischievous one came bounding over and they chased each other around - so fun!)

Our friend, Andrew, with Caleb

I don't remember what this little guy was - sort of a miniature deer type animal

On a baby bear statue

I love how this looks like the bears are in the wild!

We had never seen wolves before here... this one was so pretty!

At the zoo playground

Keenan doing an impressive "swing around the pole" before you slide down

Cute little meerkat having lunch

The zebras were soo bored! =)

I think these painted dogs are so pretty - this one wanted to play and didn't want the other one to nap..

...he was successful!

We got to see one of the elephants up close in their indoor enclosure

I think he was trying to reach us!

I hadn't been disc golfing in several years, and there are a few courses around here, so when Philip got home later that day, we went.   We braved some bad weather and got pretty wet at the end, but it was really fun!  (My arm was pretty sore for the next few days, however... gotta do that more often!)

The junior team 

All of us


Mom W. said...

Funny with the dignified jaguars tongue sticking out!!

Mom E said...

Oh so NOW you find your supergirl shirt, eh? lol. Loved all the pics and Caleb with his "ears" on. :)