Monday, September 29, 2014

Last Day of Our Trip

We had all morning before we needed to head to the airport, so we decided to see some of the Freedom Trail in downtown Boston. Unfortunately someone (ahem) forgot their license in the Corvette and we had to go out of our way to pick it up, so our time got cut short. We did see a few things though...

The Old North Church

A pretty courtyard near the church

I just liked how this rose was growing through the fence

A typical North End Boston street

Just a fraction of the huge market

We went back to Quincy Market and had some delicious turkey BBQ and some overpriced gelato. =)

Just one of the delicious dessert shops

Pretty harbor shot

We saw the Constitution across the harbor

After getting to our gate, we skyped once more with the kids.

I love this shot of them all crammed in front of the camera (and Philip and I up on the left!)

Philip took these cool shots as we circled Boston...

I really like these ones that he got as we left Atlanta at sunset, too...

So pretty!

This is what greeted us when we arrived!

Love them!  (and Isaac's hilarious horse mask)

It was SO good to be back with our kids! =)

Mom and Isaac did a tremendous job of holding down the fort And giving the kids a great time... going to Spangles, the Nifty Nut House, the zoo, the Keeper of the Planes, parks...and spoiling them with gifts and treats =)   We are SO grateful to the two of them for helping make this trip happen!!

A brief numbers overview of our trip:

8 days
7 flights on 3 airlines
5 states
2 countries
2 Azorean islands
7,700+ miles travelled by air
5 hour time change
1 Super cool family to visit
25 geocaches
4 bulls
1 octopus eaten
2 volcanoes traversed
1 Corvette driven
550+ photos taken
Countless memories
1 Awesome husband
1 Sweet mom and brother's help with childcare
1 Great God
... we are blessed.

And that, folks... wraps up our tenth anniversary trip!   What a week!!!

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Mom E said...

Those are some very impressive stats, Joia! and yes, I'm getting caught up on your blog(s). Isaac sick today so we couldn't go to co-op and only reason I have "xtra" time now. :) Love the pics and the memories. It all went so fast! Hope the kids are enjoying their lamps to read by. :)