Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kansas State Fair 2014

We caught the fair on it's second last day! I was excited to go to a state fair, since the tiny, county fair we had in Florida wasn't what I think a fair should be. =)

The weather was cool, but beautiful and we had a great day!

The kids ready to cheer on the pigs in the pig races!

Off they go!

This cracked me up - the cattle were all being cleaned and primped for showing (and selling?) and this one was being vacuumed off! =)

We saw a TON of birds in the poultry barn!

This guy was pretty cool

The rooster section was the loudest

A cute duck

Somebody trying to get some peace and quiet

The rabbit barn brought back lots of memories of when we had rabbits as kids! =)

One of the owners let the kids pet one of her rabbits


A very tame rabbit!

One of the highlights of the day was when the kids got to take a turn "delivering" an artificial calf!

All gloved up!
(This was necessary because the calf really was slippery and wet!)

Moriah had some assistance from Prince Harry =)

There it comes!
(This picture shows were they put the calf back in)


Yeah, Riah!

What a cute calf!

All of this was in the "Birthing Center" where farmers bring animals that are due so that they will deliver their babies during the fair.   We saw some brand new calves and some Mamas ready to burst.

A brand new little cutie

Getting to pet one

Some sweet, newly hatched ducklings

In the exotic animals petting zoo, we saw a "Zedonk" (half donkey, half zebra!)

My sweet cowgirl and I

The kids really wanted to ride the skyride over the fair, so we all did it.    I had a hard time enjoying it, as I was so nervous that Caleb was going to fall/slide out!   There wasn't much keeping us in!

He loved it!

The three people behind us =)

See that gap??

Pretty high up

Caleb rode the train with Daddy...

Such a happy boy!

While they were on the train, Keenan, Moriah and I watched this super talented one man band!

I love this picture Keenan took!

Love this guy so much!

Caleb really wanted a picture with this rocket

We saw some huge produce, too!

This front watermelon was 95 pounds!!

The first prize pumpkin at 457 pounds!

Very pretty painted gourd

This butter sculpture was made from about 1,000 pounds of butter!
(They reuse the butter each year for the sculpture)

Turkey leg!!!   I was soo looking forward to this! =)

This slide was four or five stories tall and was a blast!!

Off we go!

That second drop was a tummy tickler!

So fun!

I love Keenan's face and Caleb's hair here =)


None of them knew I was taking this

Some chain saw artwork

This combine costs $360,000!!

The cab was pretty luxurious

Next up... posing in a tractor tire:

...and that concludes our trip to the fair!    We were all happy, tired (and sunburnt)... what a fun day! =)


Mom E said...

Oh that fair looked like SO much fun!! That slide was awesome. Moriah in her pink cowgirl hat and boots was adorable! The pics of you guys in the huge tires was cute. Birthing a cow... now that's a new one! My dad would take me to the Michigan State Fair every year and it was HUGE. This brought back good memories. And I can't believe you were all wearing jackets. What great weather!!

Mom W. said...

The zedonk was very interesting!!! What a great day at the fair!!! So much fun!! Sure glad Caleb didn't fall off the ride, seems like there should be seat belts at least!!