Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kansas life

We love living here.

We have been blessed (once again), with a wonderful community of friends and fellow believers), we love the city of Wichita, and I, especially, am loving living so close to "country life"!

The kids and I went "foraging" the other day for some flora for my fall mantel (yes, I already have a fall mantel... I know, I know... but I will at least wait to post it until it's actually a little more fall).

We got some great cobs of corn from an already harvested field, some awesome branches from a dead tree in the ditch and some some other random, cool stuff.   While we were out, I found several FIELDS full of these wild sunflowers (the flower of Kansas).   I was beyond thrilled! =)

So pretty!

Oh, the photo opportunities...

Along with corn, there is a lot of this growing around here (which I am proud to say I correctly identified as millet all on my own) =)  It's so pretty!

The kids started AWANA last week at the church of my sweet friend, Erica (she lives on our street).   They are sooo excited!   I think it really helps to be involved in the same thing here that they loved so much in Florida.

After they got home last night with all their new gear!   Moriah's first year in Sparks, yay!

With some fun stuff they got in a package from Grandma W today

After my half marathon, with the move and everything, I let running totally fall off my radar.    For me, if I take even a few weeks off, it's always difficult getting back into it.   Well, this was a few Months, about three, actually that we hadn't been running.  Ouch.    We have found the Couch to 5K program to be the best for helping us get back into running, and up to three miles.    Being out of shape and battling the (sometimes 100+ degree heat), plus some of Kansas' signature wind, it has been a brutal few weeks getting our mileage back up!    We are finally back up to 5K, but are soo ready for some fall weather to make it a little more enjoyable!


Mom W. said...

Millet, yes, you should know is since we grow it here ;) Fun that they get to do Awana again.

Bethany said...

Such pretty country close to y'all! And yay for runs! So incredibly hard to fit in when things get busy =/

Mom E said...

I just love Caleb's expression with the stuff your mom sent. Fun 'country' pics too.