Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Great Plains Nature Center

The other night when I went to check on the kids before I went to bed, I found Caleb like this!

Asleep on the floor in the doorway to the living room! =)

Yesterday, we went with my friend, Becca, and her two kids, Jonah and Cora on a little field trip to th Great Plains Nature Center.

It has lots of beautiful trails to walk, where you can see birds and fish and turtles (and a water snake), sometimes deer...    Inside they have lots of fun displays and real stuffed animals, as well as a honey bee habitat.   The best part is it's free!

Checking out the water snake

Jonah (he's a few months younger than Caleb) taking a turn pulling the wagon

Pretty heron

Love this!

They especially liked feeding the turtles, ducks and fish!

The little guys

This turtle decided to get off it's log for the bread that Caleb threw it

Most of the time it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere!

They had a large fish tank inside with a whole variety of fish.

This Longnose Gar caught our attention =)

This picture makes me laugh.  Caleb was the one to originally sit on a bird and want his picture taken.   As the other kids joined in, he traded places and tried out every bird, and ended up back on his original one... in tears =)

We are having very strange weather here this week.  Yesterday it was in the high 90's and today the high is 75!   Woohoo!

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