Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fun Stuff

Another mish mash... =)

This is where I found Caleb the other day when I got out of the shower...

Sitting in the corner of the kitchen, eating peanut butter straight out of the jar!

For our girl's time on Saturday, Moriah and I made these cute, TP roll owls!   They were so easy and fun!

...I even made a special one to greet our guests for the football game =)

Our friends and neighbors, Erica and Peter came over for dinner and to watch the Michigan/Notre Dame game.

Philip projected a "big screen tv" onto the wall for the game and we ate downstairs at the wet bar.

The kids in their prime viewing/eating seats at the bar

Moriah showing off her hula hooping skills at halftime

Erica, Peter and Maddy

Erica has become such a great friend in such a short time - what a blessing she is!

Peter rolled the hoop and Moriah jumped through!

A recent culinary discovery - roasted cauliflower!   Delicious!

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Mom E said...

Mad jumping through hoop skills, Moriah! Loved that Peter was wearing a Tiger's hat!! Too bad ND beat the tar out of us for that game but glad you got to use the "big screen" we got you. Very cool.