Saturday, September 20, 2014

First Leg

I will likely not be updating regularly over the next few days, but since I haven't taken that many pictures yet and I have time now while we wait for our flight, I'll post the first leg of our anniversary trip!

A picture with our three cuties before we left Wichita this morning

Mom and Isaac planned a super fun day for the kids to keep them from getting sad!

Out the window on our flight from Chicago to Boston (I always think of heaven when I'm up over pretty clouds like this)

My handsome seat mate

A goofy picture with a mirror wall at the airport

We had to get our bags to be rechecked since we were switching from a domestic to an international flight.    We went to the USO lounge, got some snacks and drinks, left our bags, and (since we had a five and a half hour layover) took the bus, then the train downtown!

I fell in love with Boston immediately!

We walked through Quincy Market, which is like the world's longest food court, with over 500 feet of "food stalls" on either side selling All manner of delicious food, baked goods, ice cream, chocolate.. you name it, it's there!!

This was a street perfumer outside the market on a tri-unicycle!

We ate at Ernesto's - famous for "the biggest slice" in the city!   I had the "cheeseburger" pizza which was Amazing!!!   It tasted like a Big Mac!

Pretty skyline

Awesome clock tower

We really only had about an hour and a half to look around, but it is Such a beautiful, interesting city!  I can't Wait to come back (during the daylight) at the end of our trip and see more of it!


Kiley said...

I live 30 minutes from
Boston. After growing up in the sticks of Maine (near Canada) I love it there. It screams me. Come in the spring when it's a bit warmer. But nothing bears New England. Boston and October.

Mom W. said...

Do your really think you could be a big city girl Joia??? Sure fun to visit though!!