Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Day in Terceira

Philip and I slept for almost twelve hours straight, after only getting a couple of hours of sleep in the two days previous...

When we woke up, Rebekah sent us around the corner to the little cafe to try their pastry and coffee...

This thing is Awesome!!

Meia de Leite
This means "half of milk", which is my kind of coffee! =)

This kitten was hanging around outside, obviously a stray

I couldn't resist petting him (but made sure to wash my hands!)

This is how close the ocean is to their backyard!

The wind was whipping up some good waves, so Philip and I went down to check it out...

I love how they crash up over this wall by the swimming platform


Porto Martins

Philip captured some great waves behind me!

Looking for a geocache (we never found it)

I've got such a good looking husband!

A snap of baby Luke

Last night Rebekah and I went out for dinner with a couple of her girl friends
(Gosh, I've missed this girl!) =)

This was the view from our table on the restaurant balcony (not bad!)

My giant bowl of pasta

Us with the restaurant's famous cow
(They raise all their own meat, and make their own ice cream and cheese, etc)

This was a nice, relaxing day for us to be able to ease into the time change and just chill before our two sight seeing days.   So glad to be here!


Mom W. said...

Cafe au lait, Yep, I like it too!!! So glad you are getting to see Rebekah!! Enjoy your time, looking forward to seeing more pictures!!!

Joia said...
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