Friday, September 26, 2014

Duck Lake and Beyond

On Wednesday, we did some more exploring, this time with the Storey boys along...

A herd of cows being moved from one field to another that we passed on the road.
Pretty fun for a visitor! =)

Wow, that guy's huge!

I really wanted to do family pictures for them, and Duck Lake was the perfect spot!

How gorgeous are they??

A Mama and her three (growing!) babies

In the water

Here comes Dad!

Us in the beautiful, mystical forest!

With the pretty waterfall

If fairies existed, this is where they would live =)

On the way home, we stopped to get Ice Cream at a local dairy (it was sooo good!)

When we got home... naps for all!!   Woohoo!

In the evening, we went to Buzius, a restaurant almost next door to Josh and Rebekah - it was amazing!

I had the octopus, which sounds gross, but even Philip agreed it was Awesome!

Philip had the swordfish which was also excellent!

There, a nice dinner picture of Josh and Rebekah =)


Josh being super manly with his tiny espresso mug =)

After dinner, we decided to go check out a nearby lighthouse...

On the way we saw this, it looked so much like "pi" that we insisted Philip get out (with his "Octopi" shirt) and have a picture with it!

The lighthouse was really cool (even in the rain), and then we all decided to join Philip in the hunt for a geocache nearby... in the pitch dark.

We didn't have a flash light, just the light on Philip's phone, so we all stumbled along in the dark, laughing hysterically... until we found ourselves on a cliff 50 meters above the water.   Ah!   Better not make a wrong step!   After the guys finally found the cache, Rebekah and I decided we should all do a selfie... it took a few for Philip to be able to keep his eyes open against the blinding flash, and for the rest of us to stop making goofy faces... =)


 Ha!  The three of us didn't even know that the others were doing the same face!

Finally a pretty normal one

What a fun night - you would have thought we were a bunch of crazy teenagers!


Mom W. said...

Normal? Debatable!!! =)

Mom W. said...

I actually only flashed through these yesterday for lack of time but I just went through more slowly now and I wanted to comment on the interesting fact that in the restaurant pictures you and Josh have short sleeves on and Rebekah and Philip have sweaters on!!! What was the weather like???