Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cliffs, Volcanoes and Bulls, Oh My!

Tuesday was a super fun day!

It started with an epic breakfast by Josh and Rebekah.   Pumpkin glazed donuts (homemade), scrambled eggs, orange juice, and bacon.

Soo good

Judah, Elijah and Joel before breakfast

The kids stayed home with Manuela and the four of us took off to explore!  

First we stopped in Pria, so Philip could find the oldest active geocache in Portugal!!   It was raining, but Rebekah and I decided to get out with the boys anyway...

 Philip looking, Josh pretending to drink out of a nasty bottle he found...

 Us staying dry =)

After we all looked and looked and looked, Philip Finally found it!


Next we stopped at these gorgeous cliffs (by the windy, stormy ocean)

Super windy!

The waves (the size and color) were just phenomenal!

This water was actually pretty terrifying

Love this shot of Josh and Rebekah!

Me and my Love

...and Josh =)

The guys headed off to find a geocache
(They both came back bleeding)

By the time lunch time came around we were cold, a little wet and a LOT hungry!    We stopped for lunch at Ti Choa.  It. Was. Amazing!

Josh being super creepy with meat purposely stuck in his teeth =)

We had mostly meat for lunch.   Beef (sort of a pot roast) cooked in a seasoned pot and something called (in English), just "pork pieces", which was tender on the inside, and a little crispy and seasoned on the outside.  Possibly the BEST meat I have ever eaten!

A pretty picture in the mist outside of one of the caves

The first cave we went to was Gruta do Natal (Christmas Cave).    We actually walked inside of "lava tubes" from a volcanic eruption.   The tubes were formed by the lava on the outside cooling and hardening and the inner part continuing to flow, leaving a tunnel inside.

We had to wear hard hats (we wondered why until we all hit our heads on the ceiling multiple times), but I'm not sure why the hair nets.   Anyway, we sure looked cool!

Josh and Bek just inside the cave

All of us fairly deep in the cave (it was very drippy)

This was where the hard hats came in really handy!


Rockin' the hair nets

Another picture outside the cave

The second cave was called Algar do Carvao.   It was our favorite... you'll see why soon.

Going down into the cave

Long creepy tunnel

The distance from top to bottom in this cave was 100 meters.

This is what it looks like at the top... this is the opening of the volcano up to the sky.   The greenery that has formed around and down into the rim is beautiful!    Yes, we were standing inside of a volcano!

None of the other pictures of the interior of this one turned out, but there was a huge part that they call the "Amphitheatre" where they sometimes have concerts because the acoustics are so great!

Philip was mocking this sign =)

Tuesday night we went to a "Running of the Bulls" in the main street a few blocks from Josh and Rebekah's.

They block off the street, let out a bull (attached to a very long rope and semi-managed by six men on the rope, and then any (crazy) person who wants to can "run with the bull" and hopefully get away before the bull gets them!

Here's the bull!

On his way back past us to the busier part of the street

I looked him in the eye and made sort of a growling noise at him to get his attention.   I got his attention all right!   He ran over and lunged at the wall I was standing on.   I screamed like a baby and fell back into a bush!   HAHAHAHA!   Look how brave I am. =)

Rebekah and I

The guy in the yellow is sort of famous and is quite good at engaging and evading the bull

Umbrellas are often used to attract and distract the bull

That's pretty close...'s time to shut the umbrella and RUN!

Yeah, that wall doesn't stop him at all!



Face off

It's a great gathering of the town.  People set up chairs in their yards, food of all kinds is sold along the street and everyone has a good time!    What a fun experience!

This island rocks!!

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Mom W. said...

That's a lot of bull... I mean, the big ones ;) Interesting, seems sort of silly to me!! But the social aspect sounds good. I have a feeling I would be claustrophobic in the caves!!