Saturday, September 27, 2014

Anniversary Recap

The morning of our anniversary dawned with a beautiful sunrise gift for us. The two previous mornings had been pretty grey and bleak, so Rebekah hadn't bothered to wake me to see it.

When I first went out, the sky didn't look too promising, but as I waited (and took a new picture every few minutes), I was able to witness the "birth of a sunrise".   So gorgeous!

This is already narrowed down from about 20, but I couldn't decide between the remaining ones, so here's a bunch:

Light shafting through the clouds where there had only been a teeny tiny slit of light before

That's a huge ship out there in the sunlight that was very slowly moving along the horizon as the sun rose

I love how the sky was reflected in the shallow, still water

Totally worth getting out of bed for

Rebekah made a super sweet and delicious breakfast for two on their little "cafe table" on the porch for us!

How cute!

A close up of the ship from where we sat

Best breakfast around!

Delicious coffee cake muffins, cheesy omelets and spiced nectarines!
(I also had some delicious iced chai)

Haha!   Rebekah being hilarious and creepy, peeking at us through the curtains from inside =)

Silly Rita trying to hide from us behind some grass after we caught her being silly in the garden

Saying goodbye to Rebekah at the airport was a bummer, but I love that we have seen each other Twice since she moved a little over a year ago!

Teeny tiny, one person car at the airport!

The name of this store cracks me up =)

As does the name of Philip's ice cream bar =)
"Super Maxi"

It took us an hour and a half to clear customs in Boston, so we didn't get out into the city until later than we had expected.   One of the places I had chosen to see was the Boston Public Garden.   The "golden light" was already gone by the time we got there, but we got some pretty shots anyway...

Love this

Make Way for Ducklings
(These ducks are here in honor of a popular children's book about a pair of ducks that raised their family in the Boston Public Garden)  We bought the book for the kids =)
The ducks names are: Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack and Quack.

Beautiful swans!   (They swam right up to us!)

With a pretty bridge in the park

George Washington

Fun shot of the gate and traffic

After a busy day of travel, and me coming down with a cold, we decided on Panera Bread for dinner and a bread bowl of brocolli cheese soup at a cozy table was just what I needed!

Our hotel was actually outside the city, and was a beautiful, spacious suite!


Living Room

Full kitchen

Thus ended our tenth anniversary... little did I know what awaited me the next day =)

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