Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First Canadian Visitors to Kansas!

We just got to spend three days with Mark and Rebekah!!!

We had so much fun and it went waaay too fast, but I am just overcome with gratefulness that they took the time to come all this way and see us in our new home!

When they showed up, we all matched! =)

Since Rebekah's birthday was only a few days before they came, we did a little birthday surprise for her =)

Mark playing with the Lego train with the kids
(we later found out that most of it had been destroyed by the kids... not cool when it had been assembled for the last 20 years or so...)  =0/

Moriah recently learned how to make pinwheels, so she got to "teach" Auntie Bekah =)

Mark and I found lego building plans online and the reconstruction began...

The completed station!

Finished pinwheels =)

A friend had told me about a new park (one of the largest in Wichita) called OJ Watson park, so we checked it out on Monday:

We took a fun train ride around the whole park!

Cute couple behind me

...and the cute kids in front

Going through a covered bridge

The front of the train

They also had pony rides (this one looked happy to be free of his saddle!)

At one of the playgrounds...

Underdogs from Uncle Mark

Caleb showing off his climbing skills

Mark and Rebekah with the cute bridge


That night we had dinner at Spangles...

Caleb and Uncle Mark

This was just supposed to be Mark and Rebekah...

...but everyone wanted in!

A story with Auntie Bekah (she gave him this book for Christmas and he LOVES it)

Moriah (who hadn't napped) was SO tired at bedtime

We took Mark and Rebekah for a short tour of the base on Tuesday morning and went to the fun base pool for a couple hours as well.

The kids ate lunch out on the patio yesterday and after Keenan came in, I looked out and didn't see the other two, so I went to the door and saw this:

Just kicking back in the sun =)

Playing a game on Uncle Mark's phone

Mark babysat during nap time yesterday while Rebekah and I did some fun shopping, thanks Mark!

Last night went to Botanica and I got to do an actual shoot of Mark and Rebekah, so fun!  
They looked great and their colors went so well with the lush backdrops!

I Love this one

My sweets

Mark pointed this guy out

We went to the butterfly house this time..

This was super cool!   It's a temperature controlled case, full of chrysalis, just waiting to turn into beautiful butterflies!

Rebekah suggested they imitate this sculpture.  I love it =)

This was her idea, too =)

... as was this =)  (It's nice to have someone else take pictures for us!)

Cuties in the tree

I LOVE this one so much!   They are both so handsome!


Me and my girl

With my love

Cute little stinker

They're too cute for me

Our girly girl =)


Our firstborn is growing up!

This grassy area was so awesome

I love this one of them!

Love this girl

...even when she tries to throw me in the fountain! =)

Mark and I matching

I love this one!
(Thanks Rebekah for these last two!)

After we finished at Botanica, we went to Braum's for ice cream and then to the Keeper of the Plains to see it lit up...

The fire through the grass on the river bank

We went to a bunch of places today (photo coverage by Rebekah), including the Donut Whole, the Nifty Nut House, downtown, and to see Philip at work.

The kids with their treats from Uncle Mark and Auntie Bekah from the candy store

She also got this for Philip and I - YUM!!!

They left this evening (after an AMAZING visit!) and I was So sad to see them go.   
Thank you, thank you, thank you Mark and Rebekah for coming - we love you!!!


The Woodfords said...

Awww, what a special visit!!! I Love, Love, Love ALL the pictures - you are each so beautiful and handsome and cute (depending, of course, who you are!). Can't wait to be able to visit you, too!!

Lots of love,

Mom W. said...

Wow. what a picture feast!! Good pictures!! So glad they got to visit you!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I loved looking through all these pictures :) We had SUCH a great time! And they're all such happy pictures!

Mark and I got home at 1AM last night, and he's at work this morning, but we both agreed that the drive was completely worth it!

Thanks so much for being so good to us. I give the Dooley Inn five stars and would completely recommend a visit to Wicihita to all Philip and Joia's friends and family. You'll be treated like royalty!

Love you all and thanks again!

Mom E said...

Loved all the pictures! The smooch by the kissing bridge was cute. The birthday party decorations were lovely and creative, as usual. (Happy belated birthday, Rebekah).. the pinwheels were awesome it looks like a cool new park. Really liked the Lego Mark built with the kids.
Love, Mom

P.S. how are the birds?