Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chalk the Walks 2014

Today the kids and I took part in our first "Chalk the Walks" event! I found out about it on facebook.   People from all 50 states and 7 other countries around the world wrote uplifting and inspirational messages on their driveways, sidewalks and public paths to cheer people up and hopefully brighten someone's day!
It seemed simple enough and the kids were super excited about it!   First we did our own driveway:

Love this!

Keenan thought of this all on his own

Then we went downtown to the Keeper of the Plains and wrote on a bunch of public sidewalks that would be seen by a lot of people today (and for days to come if it doesn't rain!)

After chalking everything in sight (not quite), we were thrilled to see that a gate that is usually closed was open today and we could check out the giant teepees we had seen other times!

On the way back across the bridge, Keenan wanted to do one more:

I think someone definitely needed to know that today =)

Our chalking team back home =)

We will likely never know if any of our messages made a difference in someone's day, but I sure think they did...

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