Sunday, August 3, 2014

Catching up.. before the torrent of pictures begins again!

Here are pictures from the last few days and the tail end of Mom's visit...

Keenan shooting a motorcyle at his latest magna tile creation
(It was actually pretty sturdy and the motorcycle did very minimal damage)

Caleb made this all. by. himself!!
I think it looks like a cute little candy shop or something, with awnings... so impressed!

We went to the pool on base with Grandma... she did two of the waterslides!!

Caleb being silly, wrapped up in packing paper

Beautiful evening sun shafting through the clouds

Wide load while we were out finding a geocache =)

The other day, I filled up our jacuzzi tub and made a "hot tub" for the kids to play in...

They loved it!

While Philip and Moriah ran some errands the other night, the boys and I played and built some fun structures... this was our favorite:

At our neighborhood pool on Friday:

This little boat is a bit small for him, but he sure motored around in it pretty quickly!!

Moriah did really well diving for rings!

Cool dude =)

Funny story... our "climbing bean"plant in the backyard is actually a Morning Glory!  Ha!
I'm no botanist, that's for sure =)

Caleb's teepee (that I happened across accidentally on pinterest and stayed up waaay too late making the other night) 

   The kids had a blast the other night, playing in the sprinklers...

 Having no fun at all... =)

We went to a fun, free "back to school bash" event at a nearby church yesterday and the kids got prizes for each of the little games.  Caleb and Moriah got funny glasses...

 What a goof!

This totally cracks me up! =)

Mark and Rebekah arrive in just a few hours!   I am sooo excited!!!

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Mom W. said...

Hahahahaha about the beans!!! Disappointing though... The glasses are hilarious and they look so funny!!! I like Caleb's thumbs up!! I am sure you are having lots of fun with M and R.