Sunday, August 17, 2014

Art, Tadpoles, Baseball and a Cookie Date

Just catching up on the random pictures that tell about our last week:

For the kid's art project in school one day we painted  noodles and made necklaces

Fun stuff!

The pond in our back yard has been getting progressively greener since we moved in.   Philip tried some algea treatment, but it didn't seem to do much.   Also, with the hot weather, the water has been evaporating quickly!    When I noticed that the water had gotten so low that the pump wasn't even pumping water through the fountain, I had Keenan go out to turn it off.   When he came back in, he told me that there were a Bunch of tadpoles  "in the second stage of growing up" in the pond.  He was right!

Look at that!   Legs!
(Now we have to keep adding water to the pond so it doesn't empty before they are grown) =)

My champion breakfast eater

We took the kids to the Wichita Wingnuts baseball game on Friday.   It was fun!

Their mascot, Spinner the Squirrel
(He was the highlight of the night for Caleb)

Shot of the game

Since we bought tickets for the cheap seats and there were lots of empty ones, we moved around the whole stadium during the game, to watch from different spots.

Philip and Keenan at the edge of the field

Later in the game, from another spot

Caleb trying Daddy's glove on as a hat

Win for the Wingnuts!

They also had a fireworks show after the game which was fantastic!

On Saturday morning, Moriah and I went out for our first "date" since we moved here.   We did some shopping, then picked up a slushy and some cookies and went to the park.   She's pretty easy to please =)

Love this girl!


mom said...

Can you stop being such a hard act to follow? :) I'm so afraid they're going to be so bored when it's my turn to stay with them! I'm pretty much creatively challenged so I hope you're going to crafts all lined up for them to do with specific instructions for me! lol.
Oh and according to an article I read, the tadpoles will help eat the algae! Here's a link I found on how to get rid of it.

Mom W. said...

Wichita "wingnuts", seriously??? OK then... they must be good, they won!! Reminds me of when I was a young kid and my Aunt and Uncle took me to a St. Louis Cardinals game (probably more than one!!).