Thursday, July 3, 2014

Texas = Ramage Farms

This road trip took me to Texas for the first time (well, other than my eight hours in the Dallas airport).
Pretty much all I had known about Texas was what our friends, Matt and Tiffany, (from residency) had told us!   They are Texan and Matt's family owns Ramage Farms in Hooks, Texas and we had heard so many times how awesome it was!

Though Matt and Tiff currently live in Dayton, OH, when they found out we were going to be close to their stomping grounds, they insisted we stop by the farm (and Matt notified his dad and brother so we wouldn't get shot!) =)

First a stop at the Texas, Arkansas border...

This town is called Texarkana, and sits half in Texas and half in Arkansas.   The post office has a great dividing line marker, so we had to stop.

Caleb being silly

At the line

Next up, Ramage Farms!    They were all at church, but said we could have the run of the place... so fun!

This is what you see as soon as you turn off the highway.  There used to be a store/restaurant here, but it burned down. =(

Ahh!  Ramage Farms!  We're Here!  Texas is Real! =)

This is actually a really popular wedding venue (you'll see why later)

First (at Matt's suggestion), we drove out to the back of the property to see the Arkansas river...

Just driving through a field.. no big deal =)

At the river

So pretty!

I love this shot with the truck in the barn and the cat on top

More proof that we're actually here

Pretty cows

Mama and baby

Now to the wedding barn...

Chillin' outside

Love this old Coke machine!

The barn has a bridal sweet upstairs with dressing rooms, mirrors, couches, a bathroom, even a place to do hair!

This is looking out the doors from the bridal suite, to the steps leading down to the wedding area

Foot pop!

The view out from the front of the wedding area

Looking back

In the reception area

One last picture before we left

What a great and memorable stop to make on our trip!!   I'm soo glad we were able to go - the only thing that would have made it better is if Matt and Tiff had been there too! =)


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Mark and Rebekah said...

Such a neat place! My favourite is the foot pooping picture :)

Mom E said...

See what I mean? Another reason to kiss! :) The foot pop was cute too. As were the pics by the river. The wedding barn was pretty.