Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pool, Zoo and New Friends!

We went to our neighborhood pool for the second time the other night, after Philip got home so he didn't miss out.

I didn't swim this time, but the rest of them had so much fun!

Haha!   Keenan being silly with the box from our IKEA picture ledges

Last night we went to the zoo to meet up with some new friends!   The military really is a small world... My friend, Robyn, (who's husband graduated from the Eglin residency two years behind Philip), lives in Georgia now and (via Facebook), introduced me to her friend, Tiffany, who's family moved from an Air Force base in Georgia to Wichita just a couple weeks before we did!   Turns out, her husband, Scott is in Philip's flight here in the reserves!   So awesome! =)

Wow, big paw print!

We hadn't seen the bears on our last visit

The otters were super active!

Caleb and Moriah got a front seat to some huge Gorilla action!

The kids with their new friends, Wesley and Kinsley

This big guy put on quite a show (turns out evening is the good time to catch him not napping!)

New friends holding hands =)

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Mom W. said...

So cool to make the connection with some new friends in your new chapter... So nice for the kids too!!!