Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Papa's First Visit to Kansas!

He started his visit a day late (due to a missed flight because he had the wrong day in mind), but we still had a great time with Philip's dad in town!

Three excited kids at the airport

We  took him by the clinic where Philip would be working:

Then we went to the Nifty Nut House and picked up a bunch of goodies, then had lunch at Spangles, then showed him the base before heading home.

On Sunday morning we checked out a donut place, that just might become a favorite!

Caleb with one of their mini donuts =)

Moriah's pretty pink sprinkle one
(Next time we want to try their huge Texas donut!)

One of the third year residents made Philip these Awesome Michigan corn hole boards, and it was fun having three generations play on them!

We took Dad to the pool on base...

I decided to give the rock wall a go myself...  Turns out the one on the far left was the only one I could manage (Andrew, we need you here to show us how it's done!)

 Being wet, trying to grip the handholds, and climbing a surface that is angled towards you, makes for a new challenge!

 Yay, I made it!
When you jump off of the top, you need every inch of the 12 foot pool depth, it turns out! Wow!

 Keenan did a great job!

 Philip did it too!

 Keenan and Papa at the top of the water slides

Dad shooting out

Keenan LOVES games and made Papa play a ton of them with him, including Two rounds of Monopoly! =)
Serious business

Caleb being adorable with one of Moriah's dolls

We checked out a new place for lunch yesterday, Braum's, and gave it two thumbs up!

Dad and the kids braved the heat yesterday and went for a bike ride!

Dinner last night

Our friend's, the Stephens, stopped by for dessert last night because I really wanted them to meet Dan.   They have spent time in Kenya (and other African countries) and I knew they'd be able to relate and even knew some of the same people!   Fun times!

One last game of Yatzee this morning... Keenan's score was 575!!!

We went to the cheap theatre and watched Rio 2 for $1.50 a ticket this morning, then had lunch at Freddy's (another new experience that was delicious), then checked out one of the malls, before stopping by to see Philip and the clinic before dropping Dad at the airport.

Last picture before the airport

It was a short visit, but we did a lot and had soo much fun!!   Thanks for being our first guest, Dad!


Mom W. said...

So too bad that he had to give up one of his days but I guess everything happens the way it does for a reason!! Good times, good to see the picture of the clinic!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I'm always impressed by how many good times and fun things you can squeeze into such a short period of time!