Monday, July 28, 2014

Crafting, The Zoo, to the Movies, and other Fun Stuff!

On Friday, we took the kids to a fun craft time at Michael's. They made a duct tape purse and wallet!

How cute is this??

Grandma helping Keenan

Caleb and his funny little man

The finished purse and wallet

Keenan made himself =)

 Moriah decorating her paper doll's dress

Story time before bed

On Saturday morning we went to the zoo...

Zebu (like in the Veggie Tales song)

This guy wasn't camera shy!

The kids loved being able to go in with the animals and feed and brush them!

This guy sure knew where the food comes from!

Two cute kids =)

Camels are such dainty eaters!

These donkeys were sooo adorable!!

Honey bees

Just chillin'

Mr. Struts a Lot

A penguin gives Caleb a close up 

Baby turtle

Ha!   Read the sign at the top! =)

Doesn't he look like he's smiling??

Mom, this one's just for you! =)

It's the poisonous Black Mamba

Can't remember what this guy was..

Moriah got well misted by the misting machine

We hadn't seen the bears before, so were happy that this guy was out and about

Prairie dogs

Sleepy kitties

Keenan trying to see if he's as long as the tiger

A rare sighting of the Red Panda outside of his den!

Next, we stopped by the clinic so Philip could give Mom a tour...

Grandma did Moriah's hair in a pretty french braid!

Headed out for our night out to see "Mom's Night Out"

We had dinner at Freddy's - I discovered that their veggie burger is awesome!

With our tickets before the movie - it was excellent!!

On Sunday morning we had breakfast at IHOP... Yum!   Thanks, Mom!

Philip made a structure out of the sugar packets while we waited

The kids having a cotton ball blowing race... =)


Bethany said...

Fun times! Moriah's hair in the messy high ponytail/bun is Super cute on her! =)

Mom W. said...

Looks like Keenan is elbowing her and she can't catch up!!! I suppose he won. The zoo was cool!!! Thanks for the snake picture!! We went to the Twin Valley Zoo again last Wednesday and the big cats were sleeping there too!! I avoided the snakes!!! The camel chewing was funny!!! The mother comment by the lizard thing was funny especially since Kathleen was there!! =)

Kathleen said...

I so enjoyed seeing the kids in action with crafts, playing your creative games... I'm still impressed how Moriah never gives up & keeps going when playing games with Keenan.
I'm glad we got to see new parts of the zoo together that you had yet seen along with the rare siting of the red panda (that looks more like a fox). :)
I really liked seeing where Philip is working & our MNO (seeing the movie, Mom's Night Out) with you was a rare moment alone together & fun with you!
Love, Mom