Friday, July 25, 2014

New Friends, Grandma's Here and Botanica!

On Tuesday, between dropping Dad at the airport and picking mom up, we had dinner with our new friends, the Rohrs!

They are also military and Scott and Philip will be doing their reserve weekends together.   They are super fun and the kids had a Blast playing together!

Tiffany, Scott, Wes and Kinsley

Sweet girls

Mom arrived on Tuesday evening and we've been having a great time ever since!

Isaac is in Ohio with Grandma this month, so we have skyped with him a few times.. here he is in his hilarious horse mask! =)

Caleb and Grandma

Mom brought a game of jacks for the kids - here she's showing them how to play

All the girls after playing dress up with all Meredith's outfits

Wichita has a beautiful botanical gardens called Botanica.   Military and their families can get in free all summer, so we checked it out last night...

Copying the statue =)

Beautiful hibiscus

Handsome dude in the black eyed susans!

Pretty flower and sweet girl

This awesome (huge) butterfly/moth looked like a hummingbird until we were able to get a clear picture of it after Philip changed the shutter speed!

Ornamental Peppers

Love 'em all!

Playing with a large jenga set

...and a giant checkers set!

Mom and I played a little croquet

Huge frisbee!

Mom and I rocked the badminton!   (Seriously, we volleyed it at least 10 times!)

Caleb with a huge "Sklor" (squirrel)

They had an amazing Children's Garden, too!

Caleb following the yellow brick road through the rainbows...

...and found out he was being followed!

There was an area with little hand pumps that the kids could fill watering cans with and water the vegetable gardens!

The kids in the giant wood creature's mouth

Look at that treehouse!

Mom with a new friend


The secret is out!   This is called the "Easter Egg Plant"!

Moriah loved this bench

Keenan wanted to actually look like a butterfly

Moriah painting with water

I have a thing for bees on flowers

Huge bowling!

They were as big as Caleb!

Philip and I in front of one of the beautiful ponds

Treats from Grandma

Caleb was bummed that we missed the trains

My love and I

Philip does a "foot pop" =)

Keenan with a fun statue

The pretty lady that went with us

I love this one!

Look at this Huge hibiscus!!

Philip in his natural habitat =)

We briefly stopped to see the "Keeper of the Planes" on our way home


Mom W. said...

How fun!!! So many fun things for the kids!!! I think it was a giant checkers game rather than chess? Right? The hibiscuses are gorgeous!!

Joia said...

Yes, Mom - I thought Philip had fixed the chess when he saw it =)

Mom E said...

So fun to look through all the pictures again. We sure did a lot didn't we? Was so glad to have so many "firsts' with you all.
Love, Mom