Thursday, July 3, 2014

Leaving Florida/U.S.S. Alabama

Oh the leaving...

The kids with a turtle who wandered into our yard just before we left

With their friends, Luke and Brooke

So, our leaving day (the first part) was pretty terrible.   The morning was Incredibly busy and stressful.  Philip was at the graduation for the residents, so I dropped the kids at my friend's house, went to the laundromat, put a couple loads of laundry in, went to the bank and closed down our account, went to the storage place to pick up our deposit, went back and switched the loads, went to the house and did some dishes and final tidying up, went back and picked up the laundry, stopped by the Pennys to drop some stuff off, picked up the kids and flew back home to put final things in the van.

When Philip got home, he changed and we rushed out.   It was very unsettling for me to not have a "peaceful goodbye" to our house.   I had anticipated it belonging to someone else by the time we left it, and having it still be ours, made it much harder to leave.   No final walk through, and I forgot to get a family picture out front like I'd planned.

We said goodbye to Myrtle and Phil, and driving away while Myrtle was crying was... HORRIBLE!!!!!    I was sobbing uncontrollably, but had to get it together because we went straight to a scale to have the vehicles weighed a couple blocks away (we moved 1200 pounds of our own stuff and will get reimbursed for it).    After that, as we were driving out of town, we actually passed Phil and Myrtle, he was driving her car to KFC (hopefully for some "comfort food").   I was soo glad he was with her when we left.

I started crying again multiple times in the next hour as we left our familiar area and Caleb kept saying, "You okay, Mama?"   So sweet...  The further away we got, the easier it was, but it was hard not being able to talk to Philip or process through any of it, since we were driving separate vehicles =0/

Caleb behind a good book

This road trip (unlike our usual style), we decided to take a few days, take our time and do some fun stuff on the way...   Our first stop was the U.S.S. Alabama battleship in Mobile.  We had been there when Keenan was 18 months old and Moriah was not born yet, so decided (while we were still so close to it), to go back with the kids, now that they would actually enjoy it.

The whole ship as we drove up (it's hard to get all in one shot if you're any closer!)

Going up the ramp
Keenan with an anti-aircraft gun

Looking back, I just realized we had the same picture from last time!  =)

Going up into the control area for the big guns

Haha!  They were so surprised that they couldn't lift the huge anchor chain!

We got a similar shot (with a couple extra kids) as our last visit...

What a change! =)

Moriah on one of the many, many stairs!

Philip showing the kids the area where 

Each of them with their letter... =)

Just posing in the doorway to the battle control area

Up we go!

At the highest point we could get to

Some cool tanks down on the ground

Looking down the side of the ship

Porthole pictures =)


Keenan climbing in one of the turrets where spent shell casings come out....

...and him in the same hole last time! =)

Checking out the dining room

In one of the large bunk areas

Visiting the Brig

Sad faces

This is actually an enclosed display inside the ship, but the lighting made it look like they were looking outside!

They all took a turn as captain...

Since we had several gift cards from friends, we had dinner at Cracker Barrel.   We love that place!

...but were surprised when our waitress told us that someone had paid for our dinner!!  What a blessing!

...and so ended our first day of our new adventure...


Mom W. said...

Thumbs up for random acts of kindness!! I hope you told Myrtle that it was just "see ya later" =)

The Woodfords said...

Aw, so sad to leave "home". Glad " home" can move, though, and that you're safely to your new nest. Love all the pics of your trip, and sending love to each of you!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Oh, I would have found that so hard being in a different car and not being able to talk or share memories with Mark... I agree with Steph though. It's awesome that you get to take your real "home" with you. (Your family I mean, just to be clear :) )

Mom E said...

I don't know where I've been but I didn't realize you had to drive two vehicles!! Duh. I absolutely loved the baby pics of Keenan paired with the recent pics of him. Oh, and Moriah's dress is adorable. Caleb smashing his cute nose against the porthole... Love, Mom