Thursday, July 3, 2014


As we left Great Wolf Lodge, we could hardly contain our excitement... today would be the day we would get to our NEW HOME!!!

On the way, we stopped to visit, Cory, (he was in the resident class behind Philip), at his urgent care clinic near Oklahoma City.   Super fun to see him again!   He and his family are less than three hours away from us, so we will likely see them again soon!

Cory and Philip

More driving...

Aaaah!  We're really getting there!

Woohoo - KANSAS!!

We pulled into our new driveway and burst out of the van - How exciting!!   After meeting some of our new neighbors, we took a family picture on our new front porch =)


Our first meal in our new home =)

Goofing around

When we first arrived, we noticed that there was a spot right in the middle of our front porch covered in bird poop!  Gross!  At first I thought, since the previous owners have been gone for a few weeks, that some birds must have just used our porch as a gathering place or something... until...

I noticed that these two had built a nest under the edge of our porch overhang.  It's stuck up there with mud and stuff, really quite impressive.    The female sits in the nest, and the male sits on top of our porch light... and poops there.  I thought to myself "Well, that's going to have to go" ...until I climbed up on a ladder and saw that there are five eggs in the nest.   I guess we'll have a poopy porch for a while. =)

How I found Moriah sleeping the other night

July 2nd - the movers arrived!!!  Two trucks, three guys and about eight hours later, our house was filled with nearly 12,000 pounds of stuff.    

Our new fridge was delivered a couple hours later and boy, were we happy to see it!   I went to the Commissary this morning and wow!   It sure is nice to have a fridge full of real food again (and kitchen utensils to prepare it with!) =)

Philip hooking up the dryer last night - Haha!

To entertain the kids this morning, I gave them each a sheet of paper with their name on it and told them to go find as many moving stickers as they could... they had a blast and it was a big help having all of those taken off!


Mom W. said...

What kind of birds are they??? Good idea with the stickers, interesting that Moriah's are all in a neat row and Keenan's aren't. Funny picture of Philip hooking up the dryer!!!

Anonymous said...

How did Spunky do with the move? I haven't seen her sweet face in any of your posts lately