Saturday, July 5, 2014

July Fourth 2014

We were all properly decked out for the day by Mom (Kathleen)!  =)

The kids super cute outfits

Being goofy

All of us in our new backyard - isn't it pretty??
There's a little pond on the right and a ton of really cool plants scattered around among the rocks!

In the evening we were invited to our friends, the Stephens', for a BBQ and fireworks in the driveway - so much fun!

Moriah eating a cupcake with popper confetti string in her hair =)

The kids even got to help light some of them!

Mr. America

Philip and I shooting some Roman Candles


Keenan's lighting stick

Patriotic cuteness

Sparkler fun!

Haha!   This one didn't turn out, but I love how they are a Blur as they run away from the ones they just lit! =)

Yes, there's a story behind my apparent... size here.    As shown in our family picture above, I had a cute patriotic shirt, but had changed in the afternoon (while making cupcakes) and then on the way to the party, realized I was wearing my mud run shirt and not a patriotic shirt at all!!  I was SO bummed, but it would have been stupid to turn around just for that, so Philip suggested that we stop at Walmart and get me a red, white and blue shirt (how sweet!)  Well, all they had left was this... in XL.   By golly, on my first Fourth as an American, I was going to look like one, so I wore it! =)

Caleb hanging onto the basketball stand while watching the fireworks (he got a lot more brave between the first and the fourth!)


Our group and the neighbors had a "friendly competition" going on (although the neighbors had Way better stuff than we did!) =)

Keenan and Todd Stephens (Keenan LOVES him!)


I love this one of both boys with Todd

Caleb mesmerized by the red light on someone's head lamp

Doing a huge sparkler with Daddy

Fun red, white and blue flowers they had on the table!

Growing up in rural Ontario, we only ever saw fireworks at an actual "show" put on by a city, never really anyone's personal stuff being set off.    In Michigan, they have pretty strict rules about fireworks, so we didn't see much there either.   Here - our neighborhood has been setting them off for the past Three days, at ALL times of day (until after midnight!)  It's crazy!  When we were driving home last night, we could see fireworks going off in every direction!!   We had to drive around a different street to get in our driveway because our neighbors had a ton going off in the middle of the road!   A new experience for sure! =)


Mark and Rebekah said...

SUCH cool pictures :) And I LOVE your back yard. I think I'd only ever seen a picture of it in the winter, so I didn't realize that it had such a beautiful willow tree! I love it! It would be nice to see come more pictures back there... But I know you have lots of time to see the different parts... Is the backyard fenced? And I love that you were able to wear a patriotic shirt! Congratulations on your first year as an American :) Love you all!

Mom E said...

I think my favorite pic is of Philip helping Caleb with the sparkler. Loved the blurry one of them running away too. It had a cool effect. And the one of Keenan with his arm around Moriah is adorable. Love, Mom

Mom W. said...

Wow, Yeah, I guess we never got any fireworks ourselves - only sparklers (except Mark has since) but my brothers were sure into them growing up. I guess I worried that someone might get hurt!! Your back yard is really nice!!! The willow trees can be pretty messy but you have lots of helpers to clean them up!!!