Thursday, July 3, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge!

Philip and I decided to surprise the kids with Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas on the second last day of our trip. There are about eight of them (I think) around the country and at least one in Canada.  It's a family hotel with a Huge indoor water park (as well as stores, restaurants, etc).

The really cool part is that you can start using the water park at 1 pm on the day of your check in (even though check in isn't until 3), and you can use it until closing (9) on the day you check out!!

When we checked in, the kids all got little wolf ears...

So cute!

This was our room - huge and beautiful, even though it was one of the cheaper options!

View from our balcony of the outdoor water park

Even the soap had a little paw print on it =)

When the kids fell asleep, I couldn't resist putting their wolf ears on and taking pictures... =)

So adorable!!

I would have done it to Philip too, but I forgot in the night when I was up to go to the bathroom... too tired =)

All three kids slept So hard!!!   After four hours in the water park the first day, they were beat!!

The lobby of the hotel

The kids checking out the water park from the lobby after a Huge delicious breakfast buffet

With some furry friends

The Great Wolf Lodge... Bear?

These pictures don't do it justice, but here's a few inside the water park:

They had some AMAZING slides (even for adults), that were super fun!!

Huge wave pool

Caleb town

One of the pools had fun, floating tethered beavers to climb on

Keenan crossing on the floating logs!

A view down from the top

Lazy river

Huge bucket of water...


...oh boy...

SO much fun!

Outside in the hot tub

More floating fun!

Riah's turn!

Big leap to the finish!

Philip did it too =)

More of the outdoor area...

The Giant entrance!!

So huge!

This little wolf cub was out in minutes after we left


The Woodfords said...

Looks so fun! We checked out the one in Niagara falls one year, to see what it was like. The indoor water park part looks pretty much the same - I don't think there was an outdoor area like at yours. We didn't get a chance to go though, cause we moved shortly after. Glad you had such a great time!! =)

Mom W. said...

Wow, that place is amazing!!! What a great time for you guys!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Haha! I love the wolf ears... Too bad you forgot to get a picture of Philip, but maybe it's better for your relationship that you didn't :)
Looks like an awesome place, and such a nice treat for the kids! I may need to borrow some kids and go visit the one in Niagara sometime.

Mom E said...

I agree with Rebekah about getting wolf ears on Philp... lol. So many great pics. That place is HUGE! Good water bucket drop sequence pics. So very glad you were able to have a 'real' segment of vacation on your trip to KS. :)