Thursday, July 3, 2014

Canada Day 2014

Canada Day this year was...not like it usually is. We spent the day getting stuff put away (the stuff we'd moved with us), so it would be out of the way before the movers arrived the next morning. I hadn't planned red and white clothes for myself or the kids, and this is all I could come up with...

My only red and white

We went out for dinner (back to Cracker Barrel since we still had the gift cards!)

Moriah with a freakishly large french fry

All of us

A gorgeous sunset on the way home

Philip suggested we pick up some fireworks to celebrate with..

I Loved these when I was younger, so was excited to introduce them to my kids - they were a huge hit!

Sparklers for the kids

Brave little wolf

Then Philip set some stuff off in the driveway

I love this one, and how huge Moriah's shadow is! =)

So fun!

Me with my little Canadians

Happy Canada Day!


Mom W. said...

Well, that was more exciting than what we did for Canada Day!!!! Nice of Philip to suggest fireworks!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...


I'm glad you have the Internet back! I was missing your posts, and it's good to see what's been going on with you!

I'm so happy you are getting settled :)

Good job on getting all of those posts done so quickly!

Mom E said...

Awww, next year I'll have to look for red & white along with the red, white & blue.... :) Philip and fireworks; always a fun time. Great pics again. And Joia, you look SO happy in the Canada Day pic of you with your little Canadians. :)