Friday, July 11, 2014

A Partial Home Tour

So, while some rooms in our house aren't yet "decorationally" ready for a tour, I will post a few that are pretty much done. I know how excited I was to see pictures of Mark and Rebekah's house after they moved in, so I will share a few now:

Our kitchen!  (The decal on the wall says "Home - Where your story begins", I'm so glad the previous owners left it!)
I love the high "bar" ledge, even though we don't have any stools/chairs for it yet (ours are a little short)
One of my favorite parts of the kitchen is the under/over cabinet lighting!

When we were moving in, I had a bit of "kitchen buyer's remorse", because I hadn't realized (somehow) how LITTLE cupboard space there was in this kitchen!  That's it folks - what you see is what is there!   In my last kitchen, even though it wasn't very big, I had FIFTY SEVEN cupboards and drawers!

Cue... my pantry!
It's one of my favorite parts of the house!

When you open the doors, a motion activated light comes on...
You walk in, turn right...

...and there's floor to ceiling storage shelves!  Yay!

Two snackin' kids

This is on the left

Kid's bathroom (I love that it has lots of natural light, neither of our bathrooms in Florida had any)

I love how the kid's new artwork looks in here! =)

Guest bathroom downstairs
The lighting in these pictures are bad, it's much prettier in person =)

I had to put some "beachy" elements into this house Somewhere =)

Toy corner of the basement

One of the kid's favorite parts of the house...

The area under the basement stairs!

They call this their "Secret Hut"

Notice they have chairs, carpet, pictures on the walls... they have really spent a lot of time "moving in"!

The Back yard...

 We have eaten out here quite a lot, since it's often shaded (the roof hangs out over this whole area) and we've had some pleasantly cool times (a nice reprieve from the Florida heat!)

 We have quite a giant rose bush by the house, but it needs a lot of love (and fertilizer?) not sure exactly what to do with it...

 We have climbing beans!   This was a surprise, but I'm excited to get beans soon! =)

 The little "pond" and fountain in the back (we are working on "de-greening" it now)

Some of the pretty flowers that are growing among the rocks...

 Miniature roses

 Orange Lilies

 The kids really like this area 

 This little wooden "dock" (the kid's call it) is a great place for devotions in the morning

I love the weeping willow!

I LOVE that we have Real, green grass!!   Much time has been spent in bare feet in this yard already =)

This pretty pond is across the street from the front of our house
We don't like to put our address or pictures of the front of our house on the blog, so if you want to see it, you'll just have to come visit! =)


The Woodfords said...

So pretty!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing these pics! I too loved when M&B (really B, I know! ;). ) posted pics of their house and was so excited to see that you did, too! Everything looks so nice - I can't wait to meet it in person (someday)!!

Love you,

Mom W. said...

Ah, I saw that door in the first picture and wondered if it was a walk in pantry!!!! Fantastic. The first pic doesn't let you see that the sink is really there (is it a single?) and that the bar angles away from the kitchen, (much bigger than you first think!!) You have lots of counter space - I am jealous!! =) Cut the rose bush way back in the fall! You could do it now even if it is too messy looking, it will still grow a lot over the summer and is more likely to flower well if it is pruned!! Great pictures, starting to feel like home... =)

Anonymous said...

everything looks great! glad that everything is starting to fall into place!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Wow, I love these pictures too! SO much easier to picture where you are :) I LOVE your pantry! So cool! And I remember from other pictures what a nice BIG eating are you have, so that might make up for the cupboard space? There are always hutches and cabinets you could add for extra storage.
I love their play area and the basement secret fort. It looks like even if you wanted to use it for storage, squatters have taken up residence... And possession is 9/10ths of the law? SO COOL I'd love it if I was a kid!
I love your backyard too. It must be so nice to feel soft grass under your bare feet!
Love you all,
Rebekah :)

denise said...

Very cool! You guys are welcome to use us as a stopover on your drive back to FL!

Mom E said...

Oh that pantry is just dreamy. :) You've really done a lot of work and everything looks fabulous. The cool kid's room in the basement is awesome. I love that they've decorated it. Can't wait to see it in person!!

And I hope you take Denise up on her offer to stop there on the way back to FL when you visit. :) :0) :]

Mom E said...

P.S. also wanted to say that I loved Caleb's expression when he's sitting with Keenan & Moriah in their "apt under the stairs". I also thought the paint can lamp stand was quite lovely as well. :)