Friday, July 18, 2014

A drive in the country and a day of indoor fun!

The other day the kids and I went for a drive in the country just a few minutes from us to see what we could see...

We saw a few of these

...and a lot of these

...a lot of this (and I think it's gorgeous!)

I found this huge (what I thought was a dandelion puff) as big as my hand!

According to Matt, our best man, apparently it's a "western salsify/goatsbeard"

Then we just started looking online for fun things to do in the house since it was yucky outside:

First we did a little bit of water and dish soap in a bowl, three straws...

and blow, blow, blow!


I found this toddler activity that Caleb loved... you just give them an empty spice container and a bowl of toothpicks and let them stick the toothpicks through the holes!

Moriah did a painting project...

I convinced her to use the colors of my new bedding and she made a masterpiece for our room! =)

Tape press'n'seal on the window (sticky side out), and let them stick pieces of construction paper on it!

Keenan made a balloon powered lego car

There it goes!

We decided to try the foil and sharpie craft with letters!

They turned out great!

Moriah trying out the bag from our bedding

This was another fun toddler activity

They can practice matching by lining up the lego on the appropriately colored line

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Mom W. said...

Cool ideas, and educational, thumbs up to that!!!