Thursday, July 3, 2014

2014 Residency Banquet

Okay, soooo much to catch up on with our big move, but first I need to catch up chronologically! I will get these posts hammered out as fast as I can! First up, our last residency banquet!

My friend, Denise, and I wanted to get our hair done, so we had someone come to her house and do our hair while the kids played.  I really like how it turned out!

Pretty french side braid

A tiny braid on the other side to keep it from being too loose

Ready to go!

The kids (Caleb didn't want to be in the picture) with their sitter, Arianna, for the last time!

These are just a Few of the pictures from the night!

Our friends, Josh and Susan

Kevin and Alaina

Devin and Melissa


Philip was blown away, humbled and honored to be chosen for (and receive a standing ovation for) the "Most Outstanding Faculty of the Year" award!   All three residency classes voted and the voting was not even close for a runner up!

Giving a few (extremely emotional) acceptance remarks

Alaina and I

The graduating class

Alaina, Susan, Nathalie and I
(Nathalie and Nick are going to Okinawa, Japan!)

Elizabeth and Amy

My girls!

Being goofy

Melissa and I

She wanted to do a flexing picture

Denise and I (her hair turned out awesome, too!)

One of my favorite pictures of the night!

Philip was Qori's team chief through residency and she was the one who got to give him his award =)

Mark Wiggins, one of the graduating class and just a great guy.  He is responsible for some of the most epic residency videos to have ever been produced.

Susan, Sandra (Mark's wife), and I

Sooo glad these two and their family are moving here next year!!

The staff did a fun video this year, with each of us who are leaving, writing and singing verses to the tune of the "Cups Song" (google it).   As the video ended, we all busted out cups and did the routine on the tables - so fun!  May be able to post that soon...

What a sweet, crazy, sad, exciting, emotional night!


Mom W. said...

Wow, awesome, awesome!! So proud of Philip, but not really very surprised. He is good, and we all know it!!!!! Congratulations Philip!!!

The Woodfords said...

Congratulations, Philip! What a great surprise for you!
Such pretty pics, Joia, and I love your hair and dress - you are so beautiful!
Love, Steph

Mom E said...

So so so very proud of you Philip. But you already know that! Only wished I could've been there to see it first-hand. Joia, your dress and hair were beautiful!! Loved all the pics. And I didn't know Devin & Melissa were going to be in KS too next year??!! And why do they have to wait another year? No overseas adventures? You can email or FB msg me with answers. :)