Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Taste of Wichita

Monday was a busy, fun day!

We had a lot of places to see, so we got an early start and first checked out a cool, warehouse store near us that sells all manner of awesome house wares and decor... Yum! =)

Next, we went to the Donut Whole in downtown Wichita:

Mom and the kids with a pretty mural beside the DW

This is it, folks!

The inside was super cool and eclectic...

The kids loved the free pinball machine!

They have SO many flavors of donuts!!

I had the maple bacon on the left and Mom's was a Cinnamon Whole
They were both Awesome!!!

Moriah had the Berry glazed (because it was pink)

The kids had a Delicious milkshake!

I had a tasty, Mexican beverage

Next stop, Nifty Nut House!

The kids and I outside


Then we stopped to see a historical spot.   These first few statues are just for fun:

Mom gets a serenade

Caleb goes for a ride

Here's the write up I found about the next statue:

In 1958 protesters sat at the lunch counter at Wichita's Dockum Drug Store all day until closing for three weeks, until the owner finally agreed to serve African American patrons, 18 months before the famous Greensboro sit-in. A 20-foot bronze statue marks the site of the successful sit in, and the protest that moved Wichita toward integration.
It's soo cool!

The detail is Amazing!

The whole thing


Next we went down by the river to the Keeper of the Plains

With the statue in the background

On the bridge

On the rocks by the Keeper

Cutie pants

King of the castle

With the river and some of Wichita in the background

My little ducks with some ducks

Keeper of the Plains

For lunch we went to Old Mill Tasty Shop:

The kids sharing a root beer float

I ordered their famous Chicken Salad Club sandwich - it was Divine!!

Then we went to a beautiful little park across the street:

I love this picture of Keenan 

Two pretty girls by the waterfall

Moriah checking out the pretty wedding dresses in the window

Last night, Mom and I went back to see the 9:00 lighting of the Ring of Fire around the Keeper of the Plains.   It was awesome!

 So beautiful reflected in the water!

 Mom with it all lit up

 I noticed that you could see the statue reflected in this puddle

...and it was even more obvious after the fire was done!

We will definitely have to take the kids to see this sometime.   

This city has proven, in just a few short weeks, to have plenty of reasons for us to love it!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Crafting, The Zoo, to the Movies, and other Fun Stuff!

On Friday, we took the kids to a fun craft time at Michael's. They made a duct tape purse and wallet!

How cute is this??

Grandma helping Keenan

Caleb and his funny little man

The finished purse and wallet

Keenan made himself =)

 Moriah decorating her paper doll's dress

Story time before bed

On Saturday morning we went to the zoo...

Zebu (like in the Veggie Tales song)

This guy wasn't camera shy!

The kids loved being able to go in with the animals and feed and brush them!

This guy sure knew where the food comes from!

Two cute kids =)

Camels are such dainty eaters!

These donkeys were sooo adorable!!

Honey bees

Just chillin'

Mr. Struts a Lot

A penguin gives Caleb a close up 

Baby turtle

Ha!   Read the sign at the top! =)

Doesn't he look like he's smiling??

Mom, this one's just for you! =)

It's the poisonous Black Mamba

Can't remember what this guy was..

Moriah got well misted by the misting machine

We hadn't seen the bears before, so were happy that this guy was out and about

Prairie dogs

Sleepy kitties

Keenan trying to see if he's as long as the tiger

A rare sighting of the Red Panda outside of his den!

Next, we stopped by the clinic so Philip could give Mom a tour...

Grandma did Moriah's hair in a pretty french braid!

Headed out for our night out to see "Mom's Night Out"

We had dinner at Freddy's - I discovered that their veggie burger is awesome!

With our tickets before the movie - it was excellent!!

On Sunday morning we had breakfast at IHOP... Yum!   Thanks, Mom!

Philip made a structure out of the sugar packets while we waited

The kids having a cotton ball blowing race... =)