Thursday, June 5, 2014

Random Catch Ups from May

I've been letting Keenan use my old camera a bit. Here is one of my favorite pictures of his from the other day. Our beautiful hydrangeas!

Our kids have a "Things We Want to do Before We Move" list...   we are checking things off pretty quickly now!   One of them was to go to the Children's Park again...


One of my little monkeys

Love this!

At the splash part of the park

Our kids have SO enjoyed the AWANA program here!   For the last two years (through the school year), they have gone every Wednesday night and played games, learned more about the Bible, learned a Ton of verses and made new friends!    Their leaders have been such a blessing and are just wonderful, godly people.   The kids will Really miss them.  Here they each are with one of their leaders:

Keenan with Miss Marta

Moriah with Miss Holly

A couple weeks ago they had the closing ceremonies:

Moriah's Cubbies class

With their awards and prizes

Keenan getting his award from Mr. John (he was amazing)

With some of his Sparks class

Little Miss Poser at a shoot

...with a friend she just met =)

At our favorite splash pad:

Caleb has become brave enough to run through the "Spraying Rings" this summer! =)

These two love the buckets that dump

Caleb even ventured in!


We ended our MOPS year, having a paint studio come and teach us how to paint a hibiscus!  Fun!

Since this was a more advanced painting, our canvases had a pencil sketch already on them

Background done

So much fun!

The whole group
(I Love how everyone made theirs their Own!)

My finished painting

The kids and I made our own "lava lamp" the other day (from Pinterest)

All you need is:
A clear bottle
Vegetable oil
Food coloring
Alk seltzer tablets

Fill the bottle a little over half way with the oil.  Fill the rest of the way (to within an inch of the top) with water.  Add 10 drops of food coloring.   Drop in an alka seltzer tablet!  (1/4 of one is enough, but a whole one is more dramatic).
Way fun!

All ready!


So much fun!  (You can do it over and over!)

In the dark with a flashlight behind it

We got to witness another baptism on the bayou last week, as Vivi and Noble were baptized by their parents! =)

When you put pictures in reverse order, you can make magic!  Here is Keenan's "Tower that builds Itself!"



Mark and Rebekah said...

I'm glad your kids will have so many pictures to remind them of their time in Florida. It looks like you're squeezing every minute of fun out of your last THREE weeks! Praying that things go smoothly for you as you get ready to go!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Oh, and I love the "Tower that Builds Itself" :)

Mom W. said...

The tower that builds itself is really cool!! and I love the painted hibiscuses. I love how they look 3 dimensional!! Yours is really good Joia!!!

Liz P. said...

Nicolas is only just brave enough to go through the water rings (with whale head and tail)...sort of sideways and skipping the first couple of rings...this year. Way to go Caleb! As for the dumping bucket? Way to rock it, Keenan and Moriah!