Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Oh... Changes

This is the week that things got real!

This beast lumbered up in front of our house on Tuesday and my heart was flooded with a hundred different emotions... anticipation, excitement, sadness, nervousness...

Let's get this adventure started!

Sweet boy taking a nap on the jet ski tube in the midst of all the confusion =)

"Put me in a box!"

Sam gets him all ready to go =)

I Love that this boy loves to read!

The tube also made for a good spot for snuggling and reading together =)

After the movers pulled away, we were left in our echoing house with no furniture except the couch (which we've since thrown out), the IKEA coffee table (which will be thrown out tomorrow), air mattresses and a couple folding chairs we borrowed from the Pennys.   Meals are being eaten on the floor on paper plates, laundry is being done at a friend's house and the kids are running out of things to entertain themselves with besides... running around.   We were at the grocery store yesterday and Moriah asked if we could get a watermelon.   I almost said sure and then said, "Uh, no - we have nothing to cut it with." =)

A friend brought us dinner last night which was awesome!!   We will be happy to be back in our own beds and I will give the washing machine a kiss when I see it next!

On Saturday, we went to the HOT residency beach bash.   The kids had fun swimming and it was fun to have another chance to see people that we'll be leaving so soon,

Beach boy chowing down some Cheetos

My friend, Sydney

Treyson and I will his parents were playing beach volleyball

There was  Giant water slide set up that we were allowed to use....


Philip and Riah (it was soo steep!)

Philip and Caleb

My Last shoot (other than our own) sandy little toes at the beach

On Sunday we took our last trip to our favorite donut place...

...and later that morning I went to a delicious brunch with Melissa and Abby!   It was so nice to be able to relax for a couple of hours in the midst of the craziness and have some girl time...

Our pretty drinks!

Abby, Me and Melissa

That afternoon, we met up with the Pennys at the Latham's to swim and grill out.

Brooke and Moriah's awesome jumps

Philip gets some air!

Caleb, unfortunately, has no fear =)

Big jump off of Daddy's shoulders

Haha!   This one cracks me up!

It started raining, so they all snuggled up in the guest room and watched the Lego Movie

Getting creative with the magnatiles... one of the few toys we saved

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Mom W. said...

Looks like your last week was different from any other in every way!!!