Monday, June 2, 2014

My Little Artists

I'm playing the 'ole catch up game again.

The kids did these paintings about a week and a half ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting them.    It was sort of an exercise to see what they were capable of, without me touching a brush to their canvas at all.   I found one painting and one photograph online that we decided to copy for their paintings.   They each are a good representation of the area we live in now.  Keenan's would be the Gulf and Moriah's would be the bay.

It took an Entire day of multiple layers, shading, adding detail... and they did an Amazing job!!   I gave a lot of verbal instruction and showed them some paint strokes on a paper and I sketched the umbrella on Moriah's painting with pencil, but other than that, they did Everything themselves!

With their completed masterpieces

I think these will hang in the kid's bathroom in our new house =)
(The best part is, these cost nothings since we repurposed canvases from something else!)

Moriah titled hers "Beach Fun"
(Her favorite part is the starfish.   My favorite part is how well she did with the (nine!) different strips of background colors she needed to do!

Keenan called his "My Sunset"
His and my favorite part is the little sailboat.   I think he did a Fantastic job on it!   I love how well he did on the reflection in the water!

I am soo proud of them and happy with how these turned out!    I'm sure I will treasure these forever.  Give them a chance.  It's unbelievable what kids are capable of.  =)

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Mom W. said...

Yes, amazing, better than I could do by a long shot, but of course they had a good teacher!!! So glad you are going to display them in your new house!! =)