Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fun, Busy, Fun!

Wow! Lots has been going on!

I went to another Pinterest party with my friends from MOPS, this time we did some string art!

My friend made all the boards for us, and then I white washed mine, and put the pattern down and pounded in 445 nails!

Here it is, after several hours, ready for string!

...and here it is all finished =)  I really like how it turned out!

Moriah's hair - curled for the first time, practicing for her recital - I love it!!!

We had a blissful afternoon swim in our friend's pool on one of the hottest days last week!

Caleb riding the gator like a boss

The kids in the hot tub (not hot) with their friends Luke and Brooke

Love these jumps!

Getting ready to play chicken!


Caleb chillin' with the ladies

Nice flip, Keenan!

Moriah being a mermaid

This little guy showed up at a photo shoot last week (and was Not shy!

Sunday was our last home group gathering with all of these people in attendance
The kids are soo going to miss these great friends!

Another last... since our remaining couple of weeks are going to be so crazy, last Monday was my last Margarita Monday with my friends!

Terri and Andrew and I

We had a Great turnout!!  I'm going to miss these ladies soo much!
(Check out the server in the back!  Haha!)

Remember our fishing trip?    The kids and I made "thank you books" for Myrtle and Phil because we had such a great time!

Showing the front of the books

I took the pictures (of course), and put them in the books, Keenan wrote the captions and Moriah decorated...

Moriah's favorite picture

Keenan's favorite picture

We gave them to Phil and Myrtle last night and they were a Huge hit! =)

Love this

Keenan was so proud =)

This picture makes my heart So happy!!  We are truly blessed!

While I was editing pictures yesterday, the kids asked if we could edit some of them... Here are their pictures and the edits they chose =)

Silly kids!!

I got to do my first Twin newborn shoot yesterday!!   It was AWESOME!!!   I'm not nearly finished with the photos yet, but here are a few of my favorites:

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Mom W. said...

I like what the kids chose for their photo editing!! =) What a cool idea to make books for Myrtle and Phil!!!! Really cool!!!