Friday, June 20, 2014

Friends, Picnic, Packing, Etc...

Catching up again...

My little poser

 Caleb joins in

 A heron posing on the dock during a shoot

We had some fun beach time with our friends, the Grays, on base last week...

 Love this

 This will all too soon be a sweet memory...

 Water girl

Digging machine

Happy friends

Moriah at another shoot - I just love the colors in this one!

My footprint flower at the beach while waiting to start a shoot

So beautiful...

Last Saturday was the year end picnic for MOPS.  We played some super fun "Minute to Win It" games!

The kids getting ready to do the Orea game...

Using nothing but your facial muscles, you have to move the cookie down your face and get it in your mouth!

Haha, so funny!

None of the kids managed to do it in a minute, but Keenan didn't ever drop his, so he won =)

Next, it was the adult's turn...

Such attractive pictures =)

I have played this game before, so that may have helped...

Almost there!

Bingo!   I was second to finish in a minute

On Tuesday, the packers showed up to pack up our house!!   It took them two days, but they left our whole house looking like this:

Poor Caleb ran into a doorknob and Philip had to take him in to have the gash glued shut! =0/

The kids were going stir crazy in the house, with no toys, and the rain coming down outside while the guys packed

They resorted to funny things =)

On Wednesday evening (even though I have stopped doing shoots, I agreed to this one for a friend in a bind), I had the opportunity to be the photographer for a pretty cool event.    It was hosted by a retired four star general and was an event/book signing honoring a man named Paul Hsu.   My friend, Amanda, is his assistant and called me when the photographer for the event fell through.   Mr. Hsu is an immigrant (from Taiwan) who came to America 40 years ago with $500 in his pocket, went to college, started a business in his garage and now he owns five companies in an enterprise worth 70 million.   His companies include (but are not limited to) avionics and battlefield electronics, a component of medical tests that include physical activity, called Acti Graph, and a company in China that combats air pollution using a system he designed to make coal burn more efficiently.    He is a very humble, funny, genuine man who believes the American Dream is not dead.   He funds a lot of educational programs and seeks to inspire young people to have an entrepreneurial spirit and not settle for mediocrity.  

The picture on the bottom right was the line of people waiting to have their books signed.   I'm getting a signed one (woohoo!) and my friend asked what I'd like written in it.  I said, "Dear Joia, you've taught me everything I know..."  Haha!

Half Price Shakes at Sonic day! =)

I took this fun picture of the boys playing (on and in) the piano before the movers took it away =)

...and a day after 1/2 price shakes, we got free smoothies from Tropical Smoothie!   Woohoo!


Mark and Rebekah said...

Oh Joia, such bittersweet pictures! The one thing that's amazing is how many beautiful pictures you all will have of your time in Florida. I know that will really help your kids remember your happy years there. I can just imagine the stress of leaving, but I'm SO EXCITED for you as you start new adventures! A new house! A new job! New friends! I hope we can come visit soon. It's always a little strange not to be able to imagine family in their new place when we haven't visited... But I'm sure you'll post lots of pictures. Love you my friend, and we're praying for you all!

Mom W. said...

I guess the kids won't take the beach for granted any more!!! I am sure they will find places to swim in the new place... but their memories (and yours Joia) of the beach will always be that it was perfect and nothing will ever compare!!! =) (I lived in Florida too for awhile!!) They will be good memories!!!