Monday, June 2, 2014

Fishing Trip with the Best Neighbors Ever!

 We've been planning to go fishing with Myrtle and Phil for Forever, and finally just got it together last week!  It was So much fun!

 The kids checking out the bait =)

 Moriah thinks it's funny

 So intrigued by Myrtle putting a worm on her hook!

 Watching Myrtle cast

 Phil getting a rod ready for Keenan

 Off they go!

 Waiting with anticipation

 Caleb watching Myrtle

 Phil getting a rod ready for Moriah (this ended up being the super lucky rod!)

 Moriah caught the first fish!

 Caleb watching the fish in the bucket =)

 Trying again...

After not having any luck with his rod, Keenan tried Moriah's... and caught one too!


 Myrtle picking out a different lure

 Myrtle caught one, too!

So sweet

Caleb wanted to give it a try...

 Ha!  He looks so grown up here!

They caught five fish total (three by Moriah!), none big enough to eat, but it sure was FUN!

What a special time with some of our very favorite people here.   Awesome memories to log away before our move...


Mom W. said...

The one of Caleb looking at the fish in the pail made me laugh!!! What fun, so glad you go to do this. Myrtle should get some chicken necks and take you crab fishing off the pier!!! I remember doing that in Alabama with my Grandma!

Kathleen Gardner said...

Looks like the fishing enthusiasm runs in whole family! I guess it’s okay that you didn’t catch anything big enough to eat; what matters is that all you had fun doing the thing you all love together. I hope that next time, you’ll be able to catch a fish huge enough for dinner. Cheers!

Kathleen Gardner @ Bid 2 Fish