Thursday, June 26, 2014

Farewell Party

Yesterday a bunch of my friend's gathered for a pool party and to wish me farewell.   It was so fun!    The kids swam in the pool, we ate great food, had fun cupcakes, took fun pictures and laughed a lot!

I love this picture of Caleb on the car ramp

My awesome personalized beach towel from Jen!

Snoozing twinies who just turned a month old yesterday (even though they aren't due for another couple of days!)

Haha, Caleb!

Tiffany and Sadie

Tire swing fun

Some of the boys at lunchtime

That's a lot of kids!

Tiffany is a swim instructor, so Caleb was having a "lesson" =)

Super fun cupcakes my friend, Jen, picked up!

I saved the picks to make some fun, "Floridian" treats for new friends in Kansas!

Love these girls!
Stephanie, Tiffany, Jen, Denise, Amanda, Robin and Mary Edith

Being goofy

This was Tiffany's idea  =)

Fun Florida themed gifts from some of my friends!

...down to 24 hours now... Cuh-razy!!


Mark and Rebekah said...

I love your dress Joia, I'm still in love with chevrons...
Looks like you had a fantastic time with your friends. Special memories. Thinking of you as you make your long trip to your next home :)

Anonymous said...

As you end one chapter of your lives and GOD leads you into another may HE be close to you all..farewell to your old home and WELCOME to your new home with new people to reach out to and who need the Lord in a way that you as a family can reach out travels, happy unpacking and GOD bless as you set up a new home for HIM..continue to pray and reach out to those you've left behind as well...Thanks for sharing along the way...with greetings from NZ...Coralie

Mom W. said...

Good friends, good memories, so important... Hey Toto, I think we are going to be back in Kansas soon!!!