Friday, June 20, 2014

Farewell from Eglin Staff

Last night, Philip and I went to a dinner at Compass Rose, a great local restaurant for a last farewell event from his fellow faculty at Eglin.    We have come to respect and love and appreciate these people so much!   It is rare to complete residency And continue on as staff at the same military base!   What a blessing this has been to us!

For us to be able to stay in the same home after residency, surrounded by a lot of the same friends and to have such support.. while Philip went to Afghanistan, was such a blessing I can't even begin to put it into words.

Seven years here.   Seven years with some of these people.   Fewer for some, but not less significant.   They will be hard to leave indeed.

They went around the table and each shared a funny or meaningful memory of Philip.   It was very evident that he is liked and respected by all and that his absence will leave a gaping whole (especially in the I.T. aspect of things!)

Philip with his boss, Dr. Paulson and the awesome plaque he got from the residency

Me with the "boss's wife" and a great friend, Sandy

Everyone in attendance
(not a great picture, but oh well)

Haha!  I love this one!

Eglin FMR Faculty, we love you and will miss you terribly!  What a great evening.


Mom W. said...

Fun, was it Devin Penny that instigated the second picture? They aren't such bad pictures when you click on them and they are larger!!! What a memorable evening!!!

Jessica said...

I got a little teary eyed for you. :( Such great memories to take with you and forever lifelong friendships. xoxo

Mom E said...

What an honor and it looks like it was fun! So glad Philip went for the non-serious pose & let it be posted. :) I loved the picture they gave him. Couldn't read all of the inscription though.
I agree with Jessica... I got teary eyed too.