Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Family Photos, June 2014

We really haven't taken a family beach photo since our family only had three people, so I thought it was time...

I'd been wanting to do a shoot at this pier for a while, but just hadn't had the chance, so I decided we would be it!

Photographing my own family all together is a little different than what I normally do... =)  Turns out there's a lot to be said for actually having a person standing behind the camera.  Ha!

We also aren't all coordinating, since, when we saved out clothes from the packers... I wasn't planning to do pictures, so this was the best we could muster! =)

This one makes me laugh!

That's better

Love this

Love that big (non cheesy) smile!

My loves

My handsome man

Love him so much!

I really like how it looks under the pier, and this is where I'd hoped to take the bulk of our pictures, but there was already a photographer doing a session here and she graciously let me snap a couple in between.

... then we let the kids free

Happy little stinker

They're not going to see this much water again for...?

This one is so awesome!! =)

Little beach feet

...and this concludes my official last Floridian photo shoot... thanks for stopping by =)


Bethany said...

Great pictures! Such bittersweet times… love you all!

Mom W. said...

Love the one with Caleb's natural smile, he actually looks a lot like Keenan there!!! Also love the jumping one with Keenan's tongue showing (and Riah's) I really liked them all!!

Mom E said...

Such fun pictures. And the non-coordinating clothes didn't take away from them at all! I too, loved the jumping one of all the kids! Epic. The woman who was taking pics should've taken one for you with your camera! Just sayin'. lol.