Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Roller Skating, Mother's Day and a Few Extras

 Caleb with a Giant bag of pretzels we bought! =)

The local Christian homeschool group had their year end party at the roller rink last week.    Our kids had never skated before, but LOVED it!!

 All laced up

 They were soo excited!!

So, they started out (understandably) with lots of falling...

 I mean LOTS of falling! =)

They both had Such great attitudes though and would laugh and jump back up and keep going...they ended up so bruised, but didn't care a bit!!  I was so proud of them!

 They caught on pretty fast!

 Moriah skating with her friend, Vivi

I used to own my own roller skates, but hadn't done it since I was a teen!    I was actually quite terrified to find out what was going to happen!   It went surprisingly well and it all came back to me!  (I only took a tumble one time).  =)  I did knock Moriah down once though, poor kid =0/

 I didn't dare try Caleb on skates, but he wanted to stand on mine =)

 Having so much fun!

 Keenan pretty much Never stopped!

 Skating up to Philip outside the rink

 Happy girls!

 Look at her go!

 Caleb investigating one of the arcade games =)

 When I saw these at Walmart, I couldn't resist!  There is just something extra special about drinking Coke out of a glass bottle!

 Caleb's happy addiction to cars continues...

 Cherry Icee tongue! =)

Keenan's bike was stolen a SECOND time out of our driveway (after he failed to keep it in our screened porch like we asked).    He and Philip both got new bikes this past week (which are being stored in the basement now)

 He loves his new bigger bike with gears! =)

Philip's new bike with Caleb on board

He LOVED it, despite the girl's bike helmet =)

Mother's Day was nice, albeit a little busy with house projects.    The kids started my "Mother's Day Journal" (a book they will make "cards" for me in over the years, instead of making cards every year that I need to keep track of).  Moriah made me a bead bracelet that says "I Love You Mom". and Philip made me a delicious breakfast.    We went out for dinner with the Pennys.   We ate out on the deck by the water and the evening was perfect!

 The Penny fam on the dock 

 I love this one!

 Us (and some photo bombers)  =)

 Love this guy

 A gorgeous flower outside the restaurant

I made these Copycat Red Lobster Biscuits with dinner last night - they were Awesome!

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Mom W. said...

I like the new look!!! Sorry I didn't get here yesterday, forgot!! Nice treat today though. Yay for roller skates, yep you used to roller skate when I walked!!! So nice that the kids caught on so quickly!!