Friday, May 9, 2014

Picture catch up of the end of April, beginning of May

Wow, I'm barely squeaking in, to blog a week after my last post!

I am very behind with some of these pictures.  The Closing Cermony for C.C. was on April 26th...

 Keenan getting his certificate

 Moriah getting hers

 So happy!

 They each also got an award for being on the team in each of their classes with the strongest bridge in the bridge building contest

 My MOPS Steering team at a fundraiser =)

 Sweet jump shot of Keenan!

Moriah takes the leap, too

 Curly eating popcorn

 Taking his turn at my camera when I had it set up outside

More magnatile fun!

Moriah's garage

 Keenan's "Super Car Restaurant Hotel"

Their tallest structure ever!

Last Friday, the day after we listed the house, and Philip's first day off in ten days, we took the kids out for some fun to relax and celebrate.   We went to The Track in Destin.

Keenan was first up on the go carts...

 We were on a bridge above him while he waited to start - I love how just his feet stuck out! =)

 In his element!

 Moriah is old enough to drive a small one by herself!

 Moriah and Caleb took to the skies

 Bumper carts!


 Keenan ran into Everyone there! =)

 Caleb chose the little train as one of his rides

 The girls hit the track!

 Eat our dust, guys!

 Now the boys!

 So fun!

 For Caleb's last ride - he chose the mini ferris wheel
I love this one! =)

 He was so brave!

 Hangin' with the Gorilla

 Kansas, can you please grow some of these before we get there?

 We thought this little house on the golf course was just for show, but Caleb figured out how to open the door, and disappeared inside! =)

 Fish coming around to be fed

Before we headed home, we decided to take pictures with the huge shark at Bass Pro Shop (I've been wanting to for quite a while).  The kids had never been up close to it before...

 Caleb checking it out

All our best scared faces...

 I LOVE this one!

 Silly boy said, "Pitcher, Mama!"

 Moriah at a photo shoot with me

 We tried a magnolia on for size! =)

 It was so pretty!

Out on Cinco de Mayo with some friends =)


Mom W. said...

The go carts look really fun!!! Good for Caleb going on the ferris wheel by himself, not sure I would!! =)

Anonymous said...

hey Joia! you and Philip have Beautiful kids! Very good looking family! Hope everything goes well with the move! will be nice to see what kansas looks like! great photos!
kristin xoxo