Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mud Run for Orphans 2014

Mud Run Pictures!!

The kids race was before ours this year.  They ran at 12:30 - soo Hot!!   Keenan wanted Uncle Andrew to run with him this year (which was great with us!   Andrew had much more extra energy to expend before doing his own race!!) =)

 All clean before heading to the start line!

Uncle Andrew's feet made a nice shady waiting spot in the race corral =)

Into the first mud pit!

(Almost all the rest of the pics of Keenan's race were taken by Andrew - he did a great job!)

 Off and running!

 Up the huge cargo net!

 Over the top

 In the "over/under pit"

 Almost through

 On the balance log

 He did great!

 On the water slide!

 Off the end

 Through the tires

 Up the hay bales..

 ...jump down..

 ...and over the top of the next stack!

I think this one is my favorite!

Out of another mud pit

Across the monkey bars!

 Waiting in line for the mud mountains

 Up he goes!

 Down the first one...

...into the mud!

 They had just drained the water off the top of this one (so it wouldn't be too deep for the kids, and it was like quick sand!)

 Finally to the other side!

 On top of the second mountain

...and running down!

On to the final pit!

 Swimming through (you had to go Under the flags!)

...and on to the FINISH!


Okay, on to our race:

I thought it would be fun for us to have matching shirts, so I bought some $3 shirts from Walmart and made our Mud Pi symbol on the front of each.   Bethany and I decided to make ours a little more girlie and tied the sides, and Philip decided to personalize his by adding 80 digits of pi inside the circle! =)

Ha!   I like how it turned out!

All clean and sporting our team shirts before the race

It was Philip's idea to add the words on the back =)

Just before the race

A little nervous, but ready for some mud!

Philip and I hadn't trained for it this year like we had last year, so we were just in it for fun.    We told Andrew and Bethany to go on ahead and they waited for us at the last mud pit.   We all had a ton of fun!

These pictures show the very last obstacle.... it was a challenge!!

After - soo dirty!
(Since our shirts were orange this year, they didn't stain!)

Thank you Andrew and Bethany for doing this with us - you guys rock!!


The Woodfords said...

Looks like you had a blast!!! =). Of course, way more fun altogether!

Love, Steph

Mom W. said...

... I am assuming they let you shower off and change somewhere before you get in your vehicles!!! Of course!!! It does look challenging!! Good job Keenan!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

SUCH awesome pictures! And I love the shirts. It's so nice to see so many big smiles! Love you all!