Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Isaac Goes Jet Skiing!

We had a great weekend with Mom and Jeff and Isaac!

They were so great about the long drive (and long day) while I was doing my skydive and also helped us clean up the house for a showing that morning!

We made these a couple times while they were here.   They're called Meatball Subs on a Stick.


Isaac had never ridden a jet ski before or tubed or waters skiied, so he was super excited to get out on the water on Sunday!

So pumped!

Off they go!

Keenan and Caleb playing with some new friends

Lovin' it!

Time for some tubing

Isaac's turn!

He obviously hates it =)

Grandpa and Caleb

Delighted with the stick he found

I love these ones =)

Keenan's so serious here =)

Lookin' good!

Grandpa takes it for a spin

Keenan's just chillin'

 Caleb and Uncle Isaac

 The men

 Caleb dancing with Isaac

Isaac didn't get to try skiing, since the jet ski quit, but it was a fun time nonetheless!

 Gorgeous sunset on the bayou at Devin and Melissa's as we hung out and grilled dinner

 Riah with Grandma before they left yesterday morning

 I had just gotten out of bed, but she wanted a picture =)

All the kids on the jet ski


Mom W. said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Love the picture of Kathleen with Riah, nice pic of both!!!

Mom E said...

I finally got my computer fixed so I'm able to see all these posts now! I do LOVE the pic of Riah and me! And oh to look so good after just waking up, Joia!!
And oh how fun to see these pics now that you're already in KS. Brings tears to my eyes to think of that being our very last visit with you there though!
I love, love, love, ALL the jet ski photos!! Jeff looks like the Marlboro Man with his serious face on the one w he & Isaac. lol.
Hey, did that local newspaper ever post any of the pics of us while there? Or write an article?
Love, Mom